Hawaii News — State Lawmakers Seek To Overturn Hawaii County’s GMO Ban

gmo apple  Thirty six representatives, including Hawaii Island’s very own Richard Onishi, Clift Tsuji, Cindy Evans and Faye Hanohano, have put forth a bill to amend Hawaii’s Right to Farm Act to essentially overturn Hawaii County Council’s recent action to ban genetically modified organisms (GMO).

House Bill 2506 would amend the act “to ensure that counties cannot enact laws, ordinances, or resolutions to limit the rights of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices.”

The bill, after being introduced and passing first reading Jan. 23, had been referred to both the House Agriculture and Finance Committees at press time.

Weigh in:

House Agriculture Committee

Rep. Jessica Wooley




Richard Onishi


House Finance Committee

Rep. Sylvia Luke



Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson



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  1. JT
    JT says:

    Those that want to avoid GMO need to do their diligence and learn what components of products are GOM then just “read the labels”. Why should the majority have to deal with your paranoia?

  2. Doc
    Doc says:

    JT, these bills have nothing to do with labeling GMO’s. Try to keep up. These bills are for legalizing the rights of chemical companies to spray poisons on their neighbors.

  3. Kini
    Kini says:

    Mahalo! Everyone that believes in sustainability, and food safety, should support our local farmers and ranchers! Support overturning the unconstitutional and illegal Bill 113. Common sense for a common cause; affordable safe food grown here on these islands. Support our local farmers. Allow them to use the science and tools needed to provide safe and nutritious foods for the people of these islands. It will help protect the environment, and help reduce the cost of food production on these islands. We will all profit from this and live more healthy, wealthy and wise!

  4. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Robert Petricci says…

    This is about home rule for Puna Pono Alliance.

    The people in Hawaii county spoke clearly on the issue with hundreds of residents spending well over a year and countless hours in hearings, that at times took days or weeks to get through.

    We did it though and after compromises and hundreds of hours of testimony from both sides, the people of Hawaii County passed a law banning further GMO crops in Hawaii county.

    Whether you support GMO’s or not this is a bad bill that takes decisions about what our county and community will look like away from us. This bill defeats the local democratic process, by trumping our right to have a say in the future of our communities. These bills would take away from Hawaii County residents the ability to meaningfully participate in the their local government.

    What will they want to take away next, if we do not stand up now?

    In the rare instances that “the people” do come out by the hundreds to participate in their government, that should be respected, and heard by our elected state officials. We should not be ignored, stepped over, and disrespected as these bills would like to do.

    The people that live in Hawaii County should have a final determination of what kind of industries we allow in our communities, near our schools and above our aquifers.

    Not Honolulu and certainly not bio ag corporations or any special interest that put the bottom line ahead of our families well being.

    These bills are a direct assault on Hawaii County’s right to decide what is best for our communities. IMO no one that lives here should support giving people in Honolulu the right to override how we want to live here.

    If this somehow passed it would set a dangerous precedent that will be used by other corporate interest to try and take even more of our decision making away from us. If we allow this where will it end, is what I want to know?

    Puna Pono Alliance will be opposing SB3058and HB2506 and we encourage both sides of the GMO issue to do the same.

    No on SB3058 and HB2506. Mahalo

  5. Richard Ha
    Richard Ha says:

    Aloha Robert
    Patrick Kahawaiola’a is a wise man. He is president of the Keaukaha Community Association. He told me in the early days of the Thirty Meter Telescope discussion; “its about the process”. When I finally got it, I asked him; “..so, you have to aloha everyone, no matter on what side of the issue?” He said, “yes” Aloha Robert. We are still going through the process.

  6. Puna Sunshine
    Puna Sunshine says:

    Aloha ‘Anakala Richard,
    I find it interesting how ‘akamai you are to walk the fence, although it’s clear where your ‘ukana lay. May I suggest you jump over and experience enlightenment, where our Kupuna and ‘Aumakua dwell… then maybe, you will KNOW the truth – and the truth will set you free! Yesterday is pau, but today, and forever…

  7. tia
    tia says:

    Never allow the poisoning of our aina and keikis with chemical poisons and GMO’s. The people have spoken.

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