Letters — From Brittany’s Mother

I would like to personally thank all who have supported us during the past 8 months. Nothing can compare to losing a child and grandson, but your love has carried us through this. Knowing that people who don’t even know us or Brittany and CARED is amazing. We have justice and I am grateful for that. Grateful that this is over and we can start to heal.

Brittany’s tattoo was Veritas (Latin for Truth), we have now found the truth. Aequitas (Latin for Justice) have been served. Ultimate Justice. I am confident about how the HPD has handled this case. Much has been said about it, I even had my doubts. But now knowing all the evidence that has been shared with us, the family, I can say that they did their job to our satisfaction. Early on I was told by many who has been through the justice system that they will not or can not tell us what they know, what they have etc. It was painful to wait and wonder and speculate. But after our briefing on Tuesday morning I can honestly say that I am confident about the events that took place. That Bo killed her and then took his own life.

It’s very sad that 3 lives were taken at the hand of one person, Bo. Not only are 3 lives taken from this world but many lives are affected with his heinous act of violence. I have said before that it is time for us to heal, to move forward. Life will go on, life will just be different; somewhat less than complete. Many of you didn’t know this, but Brittany’s baby is a boy. When she visited in May to tell us the news she told me if it was a boy she was going to name him Io, which is a majestic Hawaiian hawk. Brittany and Io are in the ultimate paradise, Heaven. I know they are with us and guiding us. Brittany would not want us to have hate in our hearts. I don’t know if forgiveness is with me now, but acceptance is.

RIP Brittany and Io.

Julie Spahn Royal

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    L says:

    There are so many thinking of you and sending you love. Many tears have been shed for Brittany and I’o. I will always remember him.

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