Letters — From Greggor Ilagan, Regarding His Bill To Include Organic Produce In Ag Tax Incentives

Aloha Media,

On February 4, I will be introducing Bill 185, which further defines agricultural tax incentives to
include an organic produce provision. This bill will be heard in the Finance Committee
scheduled to begin at 3:45 p.m.

Bill 185
News Release – Certified Organic
Graphic – County Seal


Greggor Ilagan, Council Member
District 4 | Hawai?i County Council

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  1. Richard Ha
    Richard Ha says:

    The Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers United support this bill. They support all kinds of food growing. It will take everyones support to help Hawaii Island move toward Food security.

  2. agriculturist
    agriculturist says:

    This is a measure to support the production of organic produce, not “all kinds of food growing” as HaHa suggests to sneak in his gmo ulterior message.

  3. Richard Ha
    Richard Ha says:

    Aloha Agriculturalist. Let me try to be clearer. The Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers United, who represent 93% of the agriculture production on the Big Island supports bill 185, in spite of the fact that it gives a lower tax rate to organic farmers than many of their own members. This is because the cost of producing organic food is high. Hector Valenzuela suggested that organic farmers target high end niche markets. It’s because of the high cost of production. We all know that. But, in the interest of supporting all kinds of farming to feed Hawaii’s people we need to be supporting each other. It’s not complex, just common sense.

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