Politics — Regarding The Senate Bill To Regulate Home Births

pregnant-woman-silhouette1By Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Controversy is stirring over a senate bill establishing a home birth safety board to adopt rules and protocols for home birth providers.

At press time, an online petition seeking to “kill Senate Bill 2569 and protect Midwife Care in Hawaii” had more than 650 signatures.

The petition claims the bill “is harmful to women and their families, creates a monopoly in health care and will eradicate the safe practice of home birth and midwifery in Hawaii.”

“I want to support home birth in Hawaii in all ways,” said Sen. Josh Green, who introduced the bill. “No regulation for safety or standards currently exists.” He vowed to take input over the never several months “to create a great, safe, accommodating system for all midwives and other providers.”

He maintained, though, that training and certification/licensure of midwifes is in need of attention.

“I hope everyone weighs in so we help all good providers.”

Midwives Alliance of Hawaii sent out a mass email detailing how Senate Bill 2569 “criminalizes every home birth midwife in the state who is not a certified nurse-midwife.”

“Worse, SB2569 imposes so many restrictions on nurse-midwives and naturopaths providing out-of-hospital care and on the women seeking their care that it will all but outlaw home birth in Hawaii,” Midwives Alliance of Hawaii wrote.

Sen. Russell Ruderman, who is listed among the bill’s 13 sponsors,” said he has “long supported home birthing and the midwife profession 100%” He vowed to work with Green and midwives to improve the bill.

He told one midwife writing to him to express her serious reservations with the bill, “If we cannot amend it to the point where yourself and most midwives are satisfied with it, I will withdraw my support and vote against it.”

Weigh in:

Senate Health Committee 

Sen. Josh Green



Sen. Rosalyn H. Baker



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