Puna News — Pahoa’s Shaka Fitness Will Host Skip Hancock

Shaka Fitness-Jan-2014  Shaka Fitness in Pahoa will host Skip Hancock on Feb. 5 and Feb. 7.

Hancock was a direct student of Ed Kealoha Parker, from Hawaii, who was an actor, teacher and father of American Kenpo.
Hancock studied under Parker as a friend and student. Hancock helped Parker write some of his books. Hancock helps establish martial arts practices around the world, and honoring Mr. Parker. Hancock has helped establish dojos in Mexico, Holland, Canada and the USA.  He also donates a lot to the Tongan people.

Hancock is a Senior Grandmaster, however he choses to be called professor out of respect for Parker.
“We are a resource for your personal path to excellence,” Hancock says of his workshops. “The focus of your training will be the martial arts. You will strive to be excellent in self-defense and by learning, with larger generalized principles, you will practice excellence throughout your life.”
Hancock is known for Kenpo 2000.

The Hancock-taught workshops are at no cost to Shaka Fitness and Pahoa School of Kenpo Karate members.  Non members pay $20 per night. The workshop are for ages 9 and up. Find more information on the Shaka Fitness Facebook page. Or, call (808) 747-4379.


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