Astro Forecast — 2014: What Do We Want?

Ad AstroHaw  By Norma Jean Ream

January opened the year with strong, agitated energies that are collectively and individually pushing toward change, out of our comfort zone and forcing reevaluation of habits and needs.

In the collective, it involves an element of overarching powers with goals that are less and less in harmony with the needs of the masses. Cyclic themes arise with anniversaries of the revolutionary, visionary striving efforts of those who paved the road of civil and social changes since the 1960’s. Yet, the process is only at another juncture, another turning point that calls us out to participate in community and in Democracy.

Interpersonal relationships, at all levels, are in a phase of sorting things out. Consequences may seem harsh and extreme in some ways. In fact, there have been a lot of deaths, in various forms. Where there needs to be a completion, there are endings. Where there is need for a more objective perspective, there is the space to stand back and maybe see the other side. Transformation is a mutual experience and a process. Some of it seems painful and we purge ourselves with the grief of letting go. Then, we breathe.

Venus, planet of values, love and giving and receiving, has been in Capricorn, which focuses things by structure, foundation, and necessity. On Dec. 21, it stationed retrograde, and has traced its path back through the sign during January and stationed direct on Jan. 30. It meets with Pluto adding another dynamic to the relationship energies, something like a brick wall. Pluto can be “force major.” Like the Volcano, when the tension is held down below, pressure builds until there is a release. The old is gone and the new is born. This theme is running strongly in current events.

In politics and government, marijuana is now ready to be CORPORATIZED before it’s LEGALIZED! That’s Pluto (Corporate power) mixed with Venus (Banks) and opposed to Jupiter (Legislation).  Our state legislators have dollar signs in their eyes for production and export sales. They will protect their citizens from it though.

Venus is in a phase relationship with Mars that can make negotiating changes very difficult. Because they both have retrograde periods back to back, they square each other three times. You’ve heard the saying: “Women are from Venus; Men are from Mars.” This is that kind of tension. In some ways it is good. There are challenges of the push and pull of differences and attractions; wants and desires. This phase started back at the end of September, the second contact with Venus retrograde was Jan. 16, and the next is March 1 as Mars stations retrograde. Venus will have completed the full territory back to its Solstice position. Something completes now that will settle the standoff. With gains come with sacrifice.

Besides being the planets of love and romance, they also rule signs that are opposite to each other and influence financial transactions and negotiations, such as any type of “buy-sell,” like real estate, and tangible goods. After they separate at the beginning of March, they move into an angle of positive agreement by March 29.

Mercury (commerce and news) is about to go retrograde (Feb. 6) just, as it meets Neptune (drugs, ideals, deception) and will cross the USA Moon (general public, the people) three times. This is information covered, manipulated, doctored, and unreliable. The first contact to the USA Moon was on Jan. 29, when we got the introduction to the story. The retrograde contact is Feb. 15, and direct March 16; a month of review and storytelling. It will complete its conjunction to Neptune on Mar 21: Spring Equinox.  Watch this period for interesting new developments around the people’s right to grow. Might they allow marijuana as recreational, but make it only legally if you buy through corporate owned dispensaries? Guess which major AG corporation wants to control the seeds?

The government squeeze on freedom is on. The Grand Cross becomes fully formed around 13 degrees of Cardinal signs between April 15 (Solar Eclipse) and tightest April 24. This figure fits over the USA horoscope in a very striking way. The USA Sun is 13 degrees Cancer and will be transited by Jupiter and opposed by Pluto. The USA Saturn (representing Congress) is 14 degrees Libra, where Mars is traveling and in opposition to Uranus, joined also by Mercury. The scenario developing is an increase in presidential power and an increase is social justice and the power of the people. This is not just an issue for Americans, it’s global.

As the legislative session gathers momentum in the early months of 2014, we should be attentive and concerned. The president wants to “fast track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, through Congress. If you don’t know, this has Congress waive their right to review, debate, and amend the document, which has been created in secret with corporate reps, but not members of Congress. This is a topic that could do with more light, debate, and exposure.

2014 is going to be monumental. Be there. Your Liberty might depend on your attendance.

Norma Jean Ream is a 30-year astrologer who resides in Puna. For more information about Ream or her astrological work, visit


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  1. sada anand kaur
    sada anand kaur says:

    Join local environmental & progressive groups, Sierra Club, Puna Pono Alliance, Hilo Occupy, Occupellas Hawaii Island, community garden groups, etal in continuing efforts to be the change we are aching to see established in our shared world.

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