***Commentary*** Pohoiki Playground, All Busted Up


Boarded up area where the slide used to be. Broken plexiglass. This is the Pohoiki playground, which is just a few years old. Sigh. One look at this playground and you start to feel really sad about humanity. To think back and remember pushing for this so our kids could have a place to play down here at the beach, either people don’t care or don’t know this cost the County of Hawaii $199,000.

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  1. Geoff Shaw
    Geoff Shaw says:

    Must be the same stupidity that makes people bust up restrooms, I would love to hear an explanation why someone would do that and I am sorry but running out of paper towels will not suffice.

  2. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Puna,

    It’s the ungrateful few that we have in our community. Bad parenting also contributes to this. Sometimes it’s the parents themselves. Either drugged or drunk.

    I’m open to discussing solutions.


  3. hazen
    hazen says:

    I’m open to fully prosecuting the criminals who did this to the full extent of the law, i don’t care if you’re drunk/high/victim of bad parenting everyone knows this is for children to play on, rich, poor, local, hawaiian, or haole, everyone knows this is wrong. You just hurt children. Apparently, you’re either to pathetic to some forward, or need an equally cruel punishment to recognize the wrong that you’ve done. Ugh. This is about as awesome as the 95% complete PUBLIC bathroom at Mackenzie that douchebags stole the solar panels for the toilet from.

    Wake up Red Road this is why we can’t have nice things. I know most of us are wonderful people, when you see folks doing stuff like this, REPORT IT. If you stay quiet you’re part of the problem.

    We don’t have police patrols here (thankfully), it’s up to us to handle reporting and solving these things.

  4. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    When we give things to people they don’t appreciate it.
    Who suffers? Our Children! When someone gas a stake in their home they don’t destroy it.
    We needs Vocational Training for our young adults.
    The DOE and NEA have bred Victims. School used to prepare one for critical thinking and work. The Charter Schools once hated by the DOE and HSTA. They are the incubators of a valuable educational reform. Perhaps the State will start a Teachers College. Pahoa and Keaau lead Wai’akea High. Puna is leading Hilo as we need ke’iki who can run a store farm or trade. Ha’ole Art. AJA business or Chinese Financiers apparently are accepted in Puna. Though our State Govt. Officials may feel differently. Their loyalties are to Unions and Secular Humanist and firms which benefit from rebuilding school. HAAS Graduates from STEM could repair the playground. The HAAS students know OSHA Safety building rules. CPR/1st Ads/AED and rate in the Top National and State Tests with Pahoa and Keaau right behind. This vandalism just means we must reach and teach more youth thoroughly.
    If we think Education is costly Ignorance is the cause many things. Bigotry, theft drugs and the abuse of family and citizens are just part of the costs.

  5. dd
    dd says:

    Is there not a night watchman down there at night? Why not have a couple of cops campout a few nights and see what goes on down there. If you go down in the afternoon it is like happy hour. I thought it was illegal to drink in the park. Smoking cigs also.
    Maybe just a regular camper could phone the cops if they hear or see vandalism.

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    The playground is not a gift , we all contribute in our own way. It is something the community wanted and the kids enjoy. Community, that is what it is about and we need to communicate through our actions and educate ourselves on stewardship and share the love…and the playground. A monitor and some signage might help too.

  7. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    The play ground was a GIFT and an expensive one we paid for. This state has more people on assistance than at work. The money for this playground was misappropriated by taking money meant to protect the citizenry in Puna from PGV. PGV funds built the playground. We must protect and educate the citizenry. HELCO plans another site and lava is creeping towards Puna. We have failed to mention the destroyed Lifeguard Stand now missing a 3K AED and other destruction WE do need to educate ourselves? Teach a man to fish not beg. Sadly we have paid for a pathetic excuse for education. Teachers deserve more schooling, pay and respect. Citizens deserve representatives who do what is best for all. I find it hard to follow the logic of pouring good money after bad.
    I have spent the last 14 years educating youth to find work. I guarantee that the damage can be repaired for much less than the estimate.

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