Letters — From A Reader, Seeking Answers And Defending The Right To Openly Question

I decided to talk to you personally about this, because I have no interest in publicly calling you out.  And also because it’s making me a bit ill… Seriously, my blood pressure rises and I feel sick when I think about it.  I can’t read your writings and posts right now because of this reaction.  I continue to have respect for you, but not in how you are handling this situation.

I have questions about Brittany’s murder and I’ve gone on the record with that.  Are you saying that makes me a predator, Tiffany?  It sounds like a blanket stereotype that is being asserted in your recent blog post, one that I would certainly be included in because I had questions and had the nerve to ask them and stand up for other people’s rights to do so, even when other people on your site tried to attack me and insert words and intentions into my every statement.

You’re a reporter that daily asks (and might want to protect the right to ask) for answers to hard questions, yet you seem to be creating or at the very least, perpetuating ‘sides’ in this; You’re asserting that any questioners are predatory people with flawed characters and non questioners are the only ones with souls.  Is that right?  Did I misread?

People deal with things in their own ways.  Some people walk away and try to forget, some people search for answers, and there are dozens of ways in between.  There is no right or wrong.  It is people’s own choice and instinct on how to handle information and what to do with it.  Of course certain aspects of the case belong to the family only, but most people aren’t asking for those kinds of details.  They are asking for plenty of basic things.  Certainly if people are just digging for sensationalism and/or gore, that’s deplorable, but extremely few of the people I have talked with or read who are voicing concerns over the lack of information in this case seem to be doing that.  They just want to be sure in their hearts that true justice has been served.  I think it’s great, it’s a community that has had a questionable past with murder cases being solved, and they are coming in to help all of those involved in making sure true justice has been served.

You’re sure it has been solved, and that’s great for you.  There is peace for you to some degree.  Others aren’t there yet, including families and friends of the deceased.  Can we give other people a chance to be sure on their own, from their own hearts, and PLEASE consider reigning back your public attempts to shame and scorn?  This shouldn’t be about division in the community, and it is fast becoming that.  I’ve only seen one side continually try to shame, ridicule, and attack the other, and that’s the side that doesn’t want anyone else asking questions.  Sorry, but that’s a form of censorship.  Beyond that, it is trying to force people to believe what is served to them.  It doesn’t work in religion and evidently it doesn’t work in murder cases. You can stand your ground that you believe the findings without attacking those who don’t.  You can cover a story with conviction, but still remain unbiased, and avoid alienating a large portion of your readers. 

For a reporter, being unbiased is an incredible responsibility.  As a blogger, you get to have those opinions.  I imagine it’s nearly impossible to try to be both, especially on a public front.

In closing, I want to say that I took the time to write this because I give a shit, not just about people’s right to ask questions, but about you, your work, and your public image.  I hope you receive these words in the same intentions they’ve been sent with.  

Melissa Fletcher

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  1. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Melissa Fletcher,

    Calm down my friend, it seems that perhaps you should refrain from reading and/or not participate in these discussions. Your inquisitiveness is welcomed but don’t let it ail you.

    Remember the adage about the curious cat?

    I believe Tiffany was just exercising her freedom of opinion too. After all, she may be a writer but she’s also a human being first.


  2. Julie
    Julie says:

    Tiffany’s venture into mind control is a sad thing to witness. “Just carry on… nothing to see here.” There is an elephant in the room, nobody wants to mention it. Rob shuts down his forums, Tiffany goes over to the other side… I bet they have both gotten phone calls from someone. Come on Tiffany, who twisted your arm? Because that’s how high the corruption and hypocrisy go.

  3. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    Dear all armchair detectives:

    Please, by all means, dust off the typewriter and put your investigatory skills to work. As long as you do not write anything defamatory that will land you and me in court, or as long as you are sufficiently insured, I am happy to publish your pieces. Now, get to work.

  4. Kit
    Kit says:

    Look, Melissa and others critical of Tiffany’s journalist talents, there is still much you do not know about the case you feel so ardently passionate about. Have patience. When you find you’ve been wrong, it’s not wise to go about beating dead horses. Tiffany is a super talent and Big Island Chronicle has enriched my life.

  5. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    too many have too little to do, but to mind what others are doing…
    Everyone wants to be a CSI, go back to watching your TV

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