Politics — Ensure Equal Funding For Charter Schools

charter school fundingCharter schools throughout the state do not receive money for facilities and transportation, help change that.  Tell your lawmakers to right the wrong.  


Sen. David Ige

Senate Ways & Means Committee Chairman


Sen. Jill Tokuda

Senate Education Committee Chairwoman


Rep. Sylvia Luke

House Finance Committee Chairwoman


Rep. Roy Takumi

House Education Committee Chairman


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  1. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    The DOE is broken and if you point it out as an underpaid teacher they will crucify you. The HGEA cares less about the HSTA. The HSTA cares less about the teachers. The fought NCLB which was a clumsy but desperate plan. The DOE does not like to admit to a 10% improvement state wide. Charter Schools are the answer. HAAS ranks at the top of the spectrum. Where Waiakea HS was under restructuring. HAAS rarely hears foul language and in regular DOE schools it is the norm. Sadly at times from the teachers who supposed to be the example. Make you complaints to the Governor and Federal Govt. The DOE stopped listening decades ago. The Unions have considerable influence over you state representatives.
    DOE schools are top heavy and we have no State Teaching College. Charter schools have Principals and teachers who earn less. receive less money and outperform the mainstream school. HAAS promotes education and relegates athletics to their true purpose which is to build strength and character. The DOE cut 40K from the HAAS administration. HAAS teachers will finish the year out of their own pocket while schools they outperform have teachers who will be paid in full. If you look at the travel fees wasted on DOE Principals it would make you sick. If you look at the student to admin ratio you would see a criminal disservice. I painted my classroom which is legal but the principal was pissed. HGEA protects DAGS. We painted our room for $182 dollars. The DAG price tag was 2K this was in 2001. Charter Schools build and repair themselves which means they are far more cost effective. Perhaps schools that cost less abuse their staff less and perform better just isn’t enough to change a politicians mind but it should change a citizens.

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