***Commentary*** About The Brittany Jane Royal Murder And Edward Elarth, AKA ‘Kalapana Ed’

Just had a very amusing phone conversation with Edward Elarth a.k.a. Kalapana Ed and who police say was the last person to speak with Boaz Johnson on the telephone before Boaz disappeared and after Brittany Jane Royal’s body was recovered from the ocean May 29. Kalapana Ed refuses to speak with Big Island Chronicle until I connect him with my “money man.” He seems to think that the story he has to tell is worth of some sort of price. He has no idea what the Big Island Chronicle is about and has no clue that I do  not have a money man or any desire to pay a dime to him for his story.

If he chooses to tell his story and sell it somewhere, I wish him luck with that. Obviously he has no philanthropic desire to get the story out for the sake of the story. Just want to let readers know I tried, and what kind of character we are dealing with here. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Errol
    Errol says:

    @WhaddaUp….as far as I know, Brittany’s Dad mouth was sealed and he did not disclose any information or “damning evidence” or that related to the 2 evidence you said because of the on going investigation. Please provide a link. Please read carefully the Grand Jury Return provided by HawaiiCorruption, they did not say quote “Johnson father attempted to smuggle him away in a boat” but the “Possibility they may hide him.” http://hawaiicorruption.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/bo-johnson.pdf Not sure where you are heading to but it would make more sense to wait till the whole case is done and made public. Aloha

  2. WhaddaUp
    WhaddaUp says:

    Errol, I am well aware what the GJ transcript states. I am also aware that it specifically insinuates that the Johnson family may be trying to hide Boaz Johnson and smuggle him away on a sail boat.

    I am also well aware that Mr Royal stated he was very confident and felt quite assured about evidence that police had prior to the GJ indictment. That evidence has now proven to be false.

    Where am I going with this? Hopefully a path of truth and justice that isn’t based on “red herrings” and false evidence. That would be nice for a change.

  3. Errol
    Errol says:

    Thank you WhaddaUp for your awareness. But please enlighten me by providing a link to what you said? Quote “Mr. Royal posted comments back in “December” that expressed he was also “very sure” about “damning evidence”. Link Please?

  4. Errol
    Errol says:

    As stated, “Domestic violence comes in many shapes. Men are also victims of domestic violence. Women assault men with knives. Women throw objects with intent to do harm. Women threaten violence against their unborn to get abortions. Women have mental illness that causes such things as cutting themselves. Women manipulate and control those who love them. Women inflict mental pain and hurt.” Trueeee! With that said, Domestic violence doesn’t give the right for a person to take another persons life. If it does, then our law system has failed.

  5. WhaddaUp
    WhaddaUp says:

    Errol this isn’t an argument board, and I’m not your researcher. Go to the online forum (punatalk) and read the comments yourself. They are there for everyone to read. This is not the time or place to continue discussing it. I have stated my opinion, and I’m not going to get into personal arguements with a stranger.

    If you want to reply me directly, use my email (driftinaway@gmail.com) as opposed to this board.

  6. TruthSeeker11
    TruthSeeker11 says:

    Domestic violence is one thing. Murder is another thing. One is worse than the other. Perhaps the domestic violence taking place out on the lava was mutual. But before the two could end their bad relationship and go their separate ways, one person crossed the line and made sure the other person could not walk away. Murder is always about control. The silent march is for domestic violence and most people will remember EVERYONE they care about–male or female–who has been a victim of it. Three died in late May/early June. None of us will ever know the whole story of what really happened. We weren’t there. But there was a relationship…a little family with a man, a woman, and a baby on the way. There was also violence. Perhaps mental illness fueled it and insanity led the charge to strangulation. SAD SAD SAD. If only they would have just broke up…gone their separate ways. But one was murdered and one took his own life. That’s how it ended. Pray for their souls.

  7. HiloFlower
    HiloFlower says:

    Kathleen Johnson domestic violence is a two sided issue, with violence facing men and women alike. But DO NOT try to play victim and act like Brittany was the murderous criminal here. Pregnant women’s emotions run high and they can become overly emotional. But do not play the victim card and portray Brittany as a mentally ill woman; Bo murdered Brittany, Bo murdered his unborn son! The inability to separate right from wrong, evil from good is a disability; and this mind-corrupting disability got the better of your son. He is the murderer, he is wrong and so are you for defendjng him! Rest is peace to Brit and the Baby

  8. Kathleen Johnson
    Kathleen Johnson says:

    You will have to forgive me for not believing in the conclusion of the HPD. The reasoning used to seal the warrant was false so now I am to trust that the information contained in the warrant? Yes, I still defend my son.

  9. Errol
    Errol says:

    WhaddaUp…I did research punatalks forum and there is nothing that says to what you said, Quote “Mr. Royal posted comments back in “December” that expressed he was also “very sure” about “damning evidence” that points to what HawaiiCorruption had posted. If you’re going to state something, show me the facts. All I asked you was to enlighten me. You can review “Brits Dad Posted – 12/12/2013 : 07:27:35” of what mentioned about grand jury indictment in Dec. I am not a member of punatalk and I do not wish to join them as there are a lot of cropped up stories/scenarios made on that site such as mouse. I’ve hiked the lava fields to many times the same time mouse have claimed to have hiked. There were no thugs or Hawaiian Mafia. Pointing the guilt towards the Hawaiian people, locals or Kalapana Cultural Tour was wrong. I do not know Kalapana Ed but I thought that one phone call he made and BO answered was very instrumental. It doesn’t matter what they said, the fact the phone was answered with DNA evidence. There were a few people that stood up for the locals in punatalk…my hats off to them for doing such. Anyways WhaddaUp, I think we’re kewl on this subject? no sense going further if you felt this was an agrument

    As for Tiffany, she hasn’t done any finger pointing towards the Hawaiian people as far as I’m concern….. So far I see facts presented….I can understand her reasoning against Kelly’s modified proposal…you got to read between the lines….

    Well said TruthSeeker11 and HiloFlower

  10. Kathleen Johnson
    Kathleen Johnson says:

    These are the facts that I have to work with, Bo was warned and threatened not to do lava tours.  Bo told me he was attacked with a knife.  Bo was scheduled to close on a land purchase the day he disappeared.   Bo was found dead hanging in a tree on January 2nd.  That known information was kept from me until January 21st.

    Everybody else has had their speculations. 

    The neat package has been wrapped, taped and presented to the public by the HPD without any other facts. 

    Today, 3 1/2 weeks after finding out Bo is dead and so little to work with, I have my reservations about the so called evidence continually withheld from me.

  11. OverplayingTheHand
    OverplayingTheHand says:

    The Police, the Royals, the Prosecutor, and the Big Island Chronicle are overplaying their hand. Each, one assumes, for their own reasons. Maybe just as simple as wanting to grasp for something they can believe. They have all had a bizarre relationship since the beginning, and there is probably some explanation for it, though nobody from the outside can understand it now. Trying to combine a remembrance of Brittany with a march about domestic violence at this point is an error. One hopes there won’t be violence there. At least now the results of the DNA test are revealed. More strange revelations from the Royals are soon to come. The whole “case” is about to fall apart, because the police will not have any more excuse to keep their strange evidence and theories secret any more. It is a tragedy because 3 people were killed, and an ongoing tragedy because those in charge don’t have the courage or the sense of importance about justice to call in someone independent to take an objective look which they obviously have no way of doing on their own.

  12. Kirsten Dupree
    Kirsten Dupree says:

    I did not read into the comment that anyone was “trying to play victim”. Bo was not a violent person. I still cannot wrap my head around this. Yes, 3 victims, 2 grieving families. No one was defending Bo, if the scenario was domestic violence, then his actions caused him to be a victim of his own actions. May all 3 rest in peace.

  13. Errol
    Errol says:

    To Ana and Isabel,

    In a post by Malolo Continue pushing for answers…..trying to restart Brittany and Bo’s case where eventually Rob shut it down, snorkle had added to that thread from Tiffany’s Commentary; “this one’s for ‘IO. Snorkle was one
    of the very few that defended Kalapana, the Hawaiian People, locals and Kalapana Cultural Tour. This says something and I’m sure snorkle appreciated Tiffany’s post. It open the eyes to many on who murdered Brittany and ‘IO. Now if you believe in what you said, “The truth is that the Big Island Chronicle is a business, and has been harrassing the local residents of the area.”?? It seems that you have different views from snorkle. BTW, my hats is off to snorkle! He is one tough dude who hung in there and defended. He stood his grounds! This being said, I would be thanking Tiffany rather than trashing her as she lifted the cloud that was damaging the people of Kalapana. Snorkle wouldn’t have posted it for nothing, it meant something. As for Kalapana Ed, let him speak for himself. If you say he doesn’t want the money, then let him speak for free. Ko’u Mana’o. Aloha

    “snorkle Posted – 02/01/2014 : 20:29:35”
    Posted – 02/01/2014 : 20:29:35 Show Profile

    From Tiffany Edwards Hunt, Commentary; “this one’s for I’o”

    “Thanks to my relationship with Brittany’s family, I know what is written in the three-page manifesto Boaz left in a composition notebook beside his hanging body in that Kalapana kipuka. I know details that the family knows that the public doesn’t. And it is up to family members if they want to release the information. It’s theirs right now, and they are keeping things private. But its information that tells them, and me, for that matter, that without a doubt Boaz killed Brittany and then killed himself. I imagine the people who are wanting that information, who are questioning the police’s determination, standing in line at a luau. They have a plate of food, but the helping is not enough. They want more.”

    The rest of the piece is HERE

    Edited by – snorkle on 02/01/2014 21:13:48

  14. Errol
    Errol says:

    Kathleen, if you say Bo was attacked with a knife, where is the police report? The report from DLNR hired security guards at the lava viewing area? Witness? Hospital report? Hand written statement from Bo? Recording from Bo? Text message from Bo? If not, your words are just hear say. I would say to wait for all the transcripts be made public then take it from there. Show us the facts and prove everyone wrong. I doubt if you will ever come to terms with yourself even if Bo had a video of himself committing suicide. Till then, I would have to believe in the police.

    OverplayingTheHand, your opinion. As for your statement “One hopes there wont be violence there”….? If there is, I will surely bring this little statement of yours to the police….thank you

    Kristen Dupree, no one believed that these guys would have committed a crime too.
    “See CrimeLibrary”

  15. Punayog
    Punayog says:

    Snorkle was one of the people who never wavered in the “Punatalk” discourse, but it was “Bananahead” who got it right from the get go, he nailed it right on the head , he stuck his neck out and never compromised Kudos to him, then they were others who stood up for the locals who were overwhelmingly marginalized in the online forums and the discourse, they were almost crucified without any evidence or trial. Even now at this juncture there seems to be no remorse or apology for their behavior, a nice way to repay the hospitality for the wonderful spirit of Aloha this island offers, I would like to thank Tiffany for her integrity in the unbiased reporting based on the evidence. Lastly my prayers to the Royal family for their loss and maintaining a dignified composure during the grueling 7 months . My prayers goes to the Johnson family for their loss of their Son, as fallible humans we are incapable of knowing the truth of what really happened in the depth of the minds of the couple, let the final verdict rest upon the creator.

  16. WhaddaUp
    WhaddaUp says:

    I find it very funny that this discussion was initially about the creepy character of Kalapana Ed, and how it has now suddenly shifted to complimenting two Punatalk users (bananahead, snorkle) that were repeatedly warned by the moderator, and other punatalk members, to stop being disrespectful and abusive.

    Now the same antagonism and trolling on this forum also, while coincidentally complimenting two individuals that defended kalapana Ed on the other forum?

    Wow…attack mob much? This sort of trolling is disgusting really.

    Time will tell who murdered three people on the lava fields, despite the disrespectful creeps that troll, antagonize and shut down on?ine forums.

  17. Errol
    Errol says:

    Ha ha ha….Reread what you write and you find yourself in the same category…off the tangent. We all are guilty, and so are you. I have state my opinion, they have stated theirs and you have stated yours so you said. Best to wait for the final case transcript… Till then, move on or be left behind

  18. Errol
    Errol says:

    Just FYI WhaddaUp….Follow the paper trail and don’t get lost

    Tiffany post about her amusing phone conversation with Kalapana Ed. KE wants money for his story and wants the money man but Tiffany says she does not have a money man and have no desire to pay a dime to him for his story. The asking price was $1000. Kelly comes into the picture, saying he (KE) is simply wanting sponsorship for his story. At the same time Kelly find quote “I find ORMAT’s logo and IDG Ad mor repulsive than Ed hustling a few bucks. Kelly then offers $1000 on conditions with an observed party. Somewhere about here you jumped conclusions, said you and others will boycott this. Kelly comes back and says “I named two advertisers, whose intentions in the community I find a threat. Kelly and his ad hock group offers a modified proposal; $500 to BIC with no conditions and an offer of $500 to Ed. In the very beginning, Tiffany said she has no desire to pay a dime. And I doubt she would represent Kelly and his ad hoc group that is against Tiffany’s sponsors. So she makes that statement “As for spending money on pursuing that story, it really makes me sick to my stomach that people want to buy in to that kind of extortion. Now Ana and Isabel comes into the picture and start trashing Tiffany. It maybe that Ana and Isabel did not know the whole story. So I address a comment towards Ana and Isabel in defense for Tiffany. Tiffany had helped lift the dirty cloud over Kalapana. I used reference and links. HPD was right all along. So was Bananahead, Snorkle and few others. The paper trail all leads to Kalapana Ed. Whats wrong with good compliments to Tiffany, HPD, Bananahead, Snorkle and a few others who defended. Follow the paper trail and not the rubbish trail….

    As for “Rob’s reason to close down that thread”


    67 Posts
    Posted – 02/01/2014 : 19:58:35 Show Profile

    We haven’t even tried “ignoring” them. The problem, it seems to me, stemmed from the bickering of back and forth replies, which we all have been guilty of, including myself. If we simply ignore them, it’s not “bickering”, but rather, us simply being trolled. We don’t have to respond, therefore keeping the topic civil and further isolating “trolls”.

    I don’t speak for any family members, but judging from recent posts made just before the topic was closed, the Johnson family stated their appreciation of Rob allowing the community and family members to give further investigation into the case. I don’t think they would decline at all to local citizens opening up a topic dedicated to Boaz Johnson. However, I do believe you are right on seeking their input about that, out of mere respect.

    Rob Tucker

    6701 Posts
    Posted – 02/02/2014 : 09:31:19 Show Profile

    The deaths of these two young people was a traumatic event for the families and our community. It is my opinion that the events have been so thoroughly explored on Punaweb that the old military phrase “bouncing the rubble” comes to mind.

    To a large degree the postings have devolved into members merely criticizing each others opinions. To continue on that path I would encourage those wishing more commentary to indeed form a new forum somewhere. These days it is free and easy to do.

    Assume the best and ask questions.

    Punaweb moderator

  19. Errol
    Errol says:

    Oh yes, one more thing WhaddaUp, get your story straight on who Bananahead and Snorkle was defending. Kalapana Ed was just the one who made the phone call to BO and he and another person led the police to the Brittany and Bo’s campsite. You are totally confused! You have a knack of putting words in peoples mouth, reading the GJ transcript wrong and twisting the story… The more you comment, the more you expose yourself… Sad! Good Luck in the Dark!

  20. snorkle
    snorkle says:

    All I was doing on punaweb was responding to completely false, racist, and slanderous accusations of murder against the locals of Kalapana. The real evidence eventually emerged, as it usually does; and these ridiculous allegations were proved false.

    I’m talking about REAL evidence; not the rumor and innuendo of boats and airport sightings that have been discounted.

    What’s even more incredible, is there are some who would even now disregard the physical evidence, and continue to fixate on the “Hawaiian Mafia” in Kalapana fantasy.

    I wasn’t sure that Bo did it before, but I knew as a long time resident, that it wasn’t a conspiracy among the local Hawaiian families, as the mouse guy repeatedly stated. Now I know for sure who was responsible;…. Bo did it.

    I would also point out that it wasn’t bananahead and myself who were warned; we responded civily to outrageous and unfounded accusations against locals; And the “other” punaweb users who “warned” us were the persons spreading the lies. I believe THEY were warned. Standing firm against malicious falsehoods is not being disrespectful or abusive.

    This is all I’m going to say on the subject here. Out of respect to Tiffany and the Royal Ohana, I’m done.

  21. WhaddaUp
    WhaddaUp says:

    Wow…you are taking forum trolling to an entirely new level of absurdity. There’s a reason no one on this thread bothers addressing you. I think I’ll join that list starting now. Carry on with whatever half-dozen self-righteous and argumentative comments you bother replying with.

  22. Errol
    Errol says:

    WhaddaUp, I wouldn’t have said anything if it was just your opinion as everyone has one. But your lies are disgusting and your symptoms follow all that of a sociopaths. What makes you think you represent everyone else here. Everyone in their own rights represent their own self and you have that right too. As Tiffany said, “Truth Prevails” which is something you lack. If anyone feels that WhaddaUp is right, please come down and say so. Don’t be surprised if no one comes down to back you up.

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