Letters — Support Boosting School Athletic Programs

(Editor’s note: Following is an open letter to Sen. David Ige who chairs the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and who has introduced Senate Bill 3083, which calls for approximately two million more dollars to be added to the current Department of Education athletics budget.)

Dear senator and colleagues reviewing the senate bill to boost athletic programs:
Aloha. You may recognize my name. I have been writing you a lot since your session began. My focus has been on ensuring equal funding for charter schools, and ensuring athletics in the Puna area are supported. On the latter, I am working with the Pahoa Booster Club, trying to restart the football program at Pahoa High and Intermediate School. The booster club, with our fiscal sponsor Kalani, recently submitted a grant-in-aid application seeking startup funds for the Pahoa football program.
I just listened to your interview on KHON2 this morning, senator, and I am so encouraged by your bill to support athletic programs throughout the state. You and I share similar thinking, that athletics of all kinds help to make for improved academics. I also see how athletics contributes to town or community pride. Our Pahoa community is committed to boosting our town pride through a more cohesive support of all athletics. We started with football, but also want to support basketball, volleyball, cross country, surfing, whatever will help our children reach their full potential.
Thank you for your legislation and your commitment to the keiki.
Please note my support for senate bill 3083.
Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    Children are Bodies, Minds and Souls.
    The body needs exercise and hard work. The mind needs to be challenged to learn and make critical decisions.
    The soul is molded by the parents along with Art & Music.
    This is why I love Charter Schools and creative teachers. They see the whole child. These Parents, Schools and Teachers see children as they are. Miracles that we are privileged to help guide for a flash of an eon.

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