Guest Column — The Super Recidivist

By Hugh Clark

Faye Hanohano is back in the statewide news again times two for her alleged racist behavior in the state house where she is under consideration for censure or removal as a committee chair.
Not surprising given the fact her nasty racist outburst are the second and third in little more than one year. The Puna representative, who proudly claims she is a warrior, has run afoul of not only her embarrassed colleagues but stunned college students and a noted native Hawaiian activist for her latest tirades.
Her House profile said in 2013 she held three college degrees so she must know the meaning of the word recidivism, a term she also must have learned as a state prison system employee prior to her state house election.
She initially ran against good sense and civility in a 2013 outburst against the state Cultural and Arts by attacking Chinese, Japanese and Caucasian artists a fourth group her critics never agree on.
She promised to retrain herself and her staff, for some unexplained reason, to be more racially sensitive. The outcome of that pledge was never forthcoming nor its it known year later. Empty? False?
She has insulted a college student interested in conservation because he is “a westerner.” and is at odds with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, led by native Hawaiian activist William Aila Jr. Aila said this week he tried to meet with Hanohano to discuss his staff’s misgivings over her persistent behavior. She has declined to meet with the department head.
And she has declined interviews with reporters seeking an explanation of the alleged misbehavior, much as she did in 2013.
A police friend once described repetitive criminal acts as chronic misbehavior. He said he did not use recidivism because few people knew what it meant.
But Hanhano does.
And Puna goes essentially  unrepresented since she has ice boxed herself from her fellow Democratic colleagues and has lost most credibility for her outrages.
(Hugh Clark is a retired Honolulu Advertiser reporter who lives in Kaumana.)

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  1. Harry samelson
    Harry samelson says:

    Maybe she’ll finally be voted out. I understand that native Hawaiians resent us white mainlanders, and to some degree I get it. Our elected officials have to do better than Hanohano’s unmitigated outspoken racism.
    I’ve never voted for her. The first time I ever contacted her was by e mail. I never got a response. Then, after sending a letter to the editor about it, she called me, upset that I had bad mouthed her. She said she hadn’t gotten my e mail because the House was in recess and she “doesn’t check her e mail when she’s not in Honolulu” 🙂 Now that’s dedication. It’s up to us. I know who I won’t be voting for in November.

  2. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    She talks rough and went too far,however Faye speaks some elemental truths.Its good for the self serving smug majority in Hawaii to hear what those who are native often leave unsaid. The injustice of their ancestral lands being taken over by a Haole business elite in an armed coup de tat must hurt badly.And now we have the dominant ‘haole’ culture,which is so often confused and without soul,in place.

  3. Hawaiino
    Hawaiino says:

    I’ve worked on some issues at the Lege the past few years and I’ve never gotten any response, much less support, when I’ve reached out to Rep Hanohano. Alone amongst the Reps she seems either disinterested or uncaring.
    I sat in front of her a couple of weeks ago whilst she was Chairing a committee hearing and was shocked at her mannerisms and attitude. When I later commented on it to staff of another Rep they rolled their eyes and told me it is her standard behavior and everyone was tiring of it.
    Hopefully the publicizing of what had been common knowledge will lead to two things; her removal from positions of authority while she still serves in the House and then her replacement with a more responsive, harder working, and fair minded Representitive from her district.

  4. Brian .F Jordan
    Brian .F Jordan says:

    This is not news. The sad truth is Rep. Hanohano swore to uphold the rights of ALL the people. The truth is the voters have twice elected an open racist. The main reasons for racism are ignorance. Which is why we need a Teachers College. Hawaii State doesn’t not have one. There is a religious based Teachers College.
    Fear of what will happen to your people. The history of Hawaii would have been vastly different had other nations taken over. Finally a lack of seeing how others live. This is a problem all throughout our state. The government mantra is “we have always done it this way. Faye has another problem not unique to Hawaii, She has an inferiority complex. If you go to the Western Pennsylvania, W Maryland or the deep south it has officials just the sick of heart and soul. I picked the first stated because as a child we could not join their clubs, attend their churches or live in their neighbor hoods.
    The answer is EDUCATION which sadly is not Hawaii’s strong point. When No Child Left Behind started Hawaii was 10% lower than it is now. It was a tourniquet when learning how to bandage would do. Education may remove the embarrassing fact that Hawaii has more people on assistance than at work. If someone had cancer and said something stupid or unkind you would say well they don’t feel well. This is a sickness of the soul and a belief system which is not likely to leave with her. She is ill and she needs your prayers . She should not be OUR Representative. She has no use for Caucasian Americans, Asian Americans or any one else who are not born and raised here. If this was reasonable we would have no Congress. I grew up in DC when being fair of skin was not a benefit. When being Catholic guaranteed you would not be invited to the best clubs. The answer is EDUCATION. A Democrat JFK saw it and pushed for more engineers and science. His father and mine remembered signs that said Irish and Dogs keep off the grass. Which is why if you go to Notre Dame or Mary Mount you will get hired. They don’t socially promote.

  5. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Hey shorty marine Jordan….you come off as a know it all….just what Faye is talkin about. Sure,education will help alleviate racism but you gotta have JUSTICE first.I suggest you read what Uncle Robert Ke’alli ho’o malu [the chief who protects] says in this past Sunday’s Honolulu Star- Advertiser.Thank you Uncle Robert….

  6. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    thank you, G.O. And please, BFJ, go back to school. I find you somewhat incomprehensible. This isn’t legally the USA.

  7. greg
    greg says:

    Faye has some valid points; But a Representative and leader should be able to present them in a less divisive manor.

    I’m thinking the issue will resolve itself in the next election.

  8. Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan says:

    I am considering that Gregory. Helene used to say I should be elected. When asked why I was she said change to a D. So in 2005 I changed parties. Which was greeted with a false scandal. I was innocent but my wife daughter and grand daughter were hurt. I expected yellow press I grew up in D.C. I was able to talk to Wilbur Mills and Tip then the Speaker of the House showed me what was important. Every Saturday he took a walk to the florist for his wife, the grocery store and spoke with everyone.
    I noticed he would ask them about a matter up for a vote in simple terms. He was like a friendly grandfather and everyone loved him because he cared. The Post who was supportive still was amazed at how uncanny his take on the issues of the day were. He told them but they didn’t get it. He knew the average working American was pretty much the same in Maryland as Massachusetts. Chris Matthews hated Ronald Reagan. Tip used to tell him from 8am to 4:30pm were are SOB’s. Chris after work we are Sons of Saint Patrick. He was a class act. He died with 60K on his pocket. Now the Congress are all millionaires.
    The man who replaced him laundered postal funds daily for cash and had three warehouses full of government property.
    He disgraced his country, his party and his family. Both Democrats the difference integrity and compassion. Wilbur Mills volunteered to resign because he had an affair with a young stripper. LBJ kept him. Why Wilbur suffered more for embarrassing his wife than most people ever knew. He spoke to me and said you drink too much and my example is what is down the road. I stopped drinking. Thank God.
    He apologized and his wife she kept him. He was a lucky man. He admitted his guilt and never asked what the definition of is is. When he returned to Congress it was to applause. Why? I think because half of Congress could not have told the truth. The truth is we all make mistakes and hurt others. The truth is we have to live with our actions. The first thing I did when I came to Hawaii was take HWN Culture, HWN Sociology and HWN Lit GPA 4.0. Pu’a and Ed Kanahele never spoke like Faye. In fact Ed spent time comparing Ireland to Hawaii. IN 1987-1991 I did re-patriate ewi and restore the Mokapu Ponds and protect as many endangered species as possible. I work for Dr. Drigot and we were supervised by Hawaiians.
    I never thought of the honored dead as another race. On the census I put Human Race. The lady at the County building told me I had to pick one I did Human. Have I ever told an ethnic joke yes usually with close friends of that group. I had an Aunty see me spend a lot of money bandaging the Keiki. She said your I Vet with PTSD. I said why do you say that? She showed me how to used Saran wrapap for all the injuries. Then she said RTSD meant Poor Ting So Dumb. We laughed but she taught me a skill I have taught hundreds of others and told the story. If all human interactions were so productive.

  9. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    Kelly you make a good point one should learn something new everyday. I am aware of the Hague. I am also aware that by a great majority of Hawaiians and other ethnic groups chose State Hood. If it were in my power I should at least have ceded lands that are leased at nominal rates to be reserved for Hawaiians to live as they wish and have no interference of the United States. Also Kelly I designed a self sufficient home for these lands. If they choose to live modern than the mortgage would be $25,000. The design comes with solar power, grey water and propane stove and fridge or electric food cooler. The plan was accepted and the Governor let the man go who would ensure their construction. I believe a total removal of state and Federal assistance would be do more harm than good. Five generations of my family have lived in Hawaii. Today three generations are left. You may feel this isn’t enough but if a man could own his home for 5K down and $250 per month I feel this would improve racial relations. I teach convicts OSHA at night and they were enthusiastic about constructing homes to pay back their debt to society and learn or teach others a trade.
    My intentions are honorable and I do not know everything
    but I will treat everyone with respect. If there is a vote for more Hawaiian autonomy I will sign it unless it is sabotaged by a poisoned piece of legislation attached.
    I will write it if given the opportunity. I am sorry you
    feel I am uneducated. I do know that at 58 I can still learn. Then again you can keep fueling resentment and ignore the fact that a person on ETB or in prison cost 60K a year. Hawaii has the dubious honor of having more people on welfare than working. Whether Hawaii remains a state or becomes a country education is the only cure. Puna has vast resources and can probably create synthetic fuel. If we ever become isolated we need enough fuel to run the HPD, Civil Defense and ambulance service. Pride is one thing but being so prejudiced that once will cut their nose to spite ones face is quite another.

    Very Respectfully,
    Brian F. Jordan

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