Letters — Support The Community’s Effort To Reinstate Pahoa Football

(Following is a letter to Puna legislators, Rep. Faye Hanohano and Sen. Russell Ruderman, regarding the community’s effort to secure funding from the State Legislature to reinstate football at Pahoa High and Intermediate School.)

Aloha Faye and Russell,

Mahalo Nui to both of you for your efforts in securing the $3.5M in CIP money for the Pahoa gym!!!!

I received a call from Ways and Means yesterday advising me there is a “hearing” on the Grant in Aid Applications for your consideration.  Tiffany Edwards Hunt is flying to Honolulu to testify on behalf of the Booster Club in our efforts to secure $90k for the start-up costs for Pahoa Football.  The hearing is at 9 a.m., this Friday in the Auditorium on the Chamber Level.

Your testimony in support of this GIA request would be most welcome.

As a reminder, the Pahoa Booster Club supports all athletics in all Pahoa Schools, including Charters.

Mahalo nui….

A hui hou…

Mark Hinshaw


Mainstreet Pahoa Association, President

Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee, Chair

Pahoa Booster Club, President



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  1. mark
    mark says:

    Getting money for Pahoa is a top priority and will remain so for years to come. The subdivisions have been developed and there are over 50,000 properties yet to be built on…and they will be as Puna remains the fastest growing and most-affordable region in the State. We can not stop this fact, only plan for the inevitable.

    To date we have asked for and received:

    $25 Million for the Pahoa Park
    $3.5 Million for a new Gym addition (on top of the beautiful gym that Helene Hale secured for us)
    $3.5 Million for a new Town Center and Public Parking Lot
    $2.1 Million for a new entrance to Pahoa Park via Post Office Road
    $600,000 for Waste Water study and Planning

    Under Equal Level of Service guidelines, we are due this money and much more to preserve and protect Pahoa from unbridled development.

    Key to all of this is building a “Sense of Place” in Pahoa, so our keiki can grow up in a town that is rich in heritage and pride. Sports, Arts and Clubs are an integral part of any towns long-term development.

    Please support the Pahoa Booster Club, it is a good start!!!

    Our website is under construction and development so please bookmark the page. http://www.PahoaBoosterClub.com

    I mua Pahoa Town!


  2. Cheryl King
    Cheryl King says:

    I couldn’t help but think back to an article I read concerning the fact that the Pahoa High and Intermediate students didn’t have access to a library during school hours. Has this situation been remedied?


  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    First of all, I like football a lot. I played Pop Warner and High School football as a youth.

    However; For today’s cost of outfitting a single player, whole squads of other sports teams (for girls too) could be equipped. In these financially challenging times, there is a higher cost to the sport than just the gear.

    A study published in 2012 at the University of North Carolina found that 25 high school players died between 2003 and 2012 because of injuries sustained directly from football.

    I’m not sure the costs are worth the risks for a dangerous, gender specific endeavor.

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