Letters — As Vicious As Her Words Are, Frankie Stapleton Has Some Valid Points About BIC

Re: the blogs…..there is a dearth of blog activity these days. Tiffany E-H’s blog doesn’t have nearly the following that it used to….I wouldn’t even recommend advertising on it these days. And her newspaper’s a joke these days because it’s so damned hard to read.
Damon Tucker’s blog got turned off by his provider so he’s just doing his stuff on his facebook page. Even Rob Tucker’s PunaWeb forums generates less interest because everyone gets tired of the same ole people ranting the same ole way. So E. Hawaii’s blogs are definitely in a slump these days. I continue to use PunaWeb to post things because at least that gets it out in the ether. And plenny people read the notices without commenting. Which is jes’ fine by me…..Laters, Frankie
Frankie Stapleton, a former newspaper reporter who is active in local politics, is helping out with the campaign of Joy San Buenaventura, who is running for State House District 4, seeking to unseat Rep. Faye Hanohano. She recently wrote an email suggesting San Buenaventura  not advertise with BIC in print or on the web. The email made it’s way to me. i was hurt, of course, because Stapleton acts friendly to me in person and never bothered to share her thoughts about BIC when she has seen me. And who likes people trying to interfere with your effort to earn an honest income?! But after the initial sting from what I view as vicious words, I did start to see them as food for thought. It is true that I have been pretty uninspired to post on this website lately. But everything is temporary. I have great plans to kick it into gear and start getting into election coverage. Stapleton also makes a point about the small font of my newspaper. I try to pack in as much as I can with the small font. But I have heard feedback from others that I should increase the font to standard newspaper size. I am in production now, so I will see about masking that change. Does anybody else want to tell me what they think, or do they prefer to talk about me behind my back, or stupidly write an email bad mouthing me, without regard for the fact that emails can be easily forwarded… And forwarded… and then copied and pasted like you see above. And shared on Facebook and Twitter and floating around all over the World Wide Web. May we all take note. And let our word be gold. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt.



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  1. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    E Hawaii blogs, all of ’em, certainly lack dynamic discourse — and how.

    Nevertheless, as for BIC in print and cyberspace, it does come to mind that criticism, even from someone who criticizes everything and everybody, is perhaps envy?

  2. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Tiffany Edwards Hunt,

    No worries buddy. A person with integrity and self truth, need not bash another to appear superior.

    The more one attempts to prove superiority, the more it is evident that they have not yet succeeded.

    Frankie Stapleton is merely venting disappointment in herself for lack of achievement.


  3. Errol
    Errol says:

    Frankie reminds me of that old saying, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?” As far as Tiffany’s sponsors, I have visited some of them such as Yurts of Hawaii, Ormat, IDG and Kaleo. As far as a slump in bloggers, Quote: “forums generates less interest because everyone gets tired of the same ole people ranting the same ole way.” Speak for yourself. Not everyone thinks the same. Sometimes those rants may generate more interest! One of the bigger reasons why we have less members or participants on websites is because of the social media such as facebook, twitter, lindeken, YouTube, Google…etc. We had the same problem to a photography site that I belong to called Renderosity. Its membership just went down hill since Facebook and the others came into existence…. As for BIC? I find it interesting. Just saying!

  4. Kit
    Kit says:

    I am happy that someone has finally explained why the print on various publications (not just BIC which I read solely online) is so small! To get as much information in it as possible.

    I admire and respect TE-H for the fine job she has done. With this publication (above) we know that she will continue to grow and evolve, and that she listens with an open mind. Keep it up!

  5. Damon
    Damon says:

    I’m not sure when Frankie checked my site last… but it’s been up and running and more active then ever in the last week.

    It was only down for 5 days as WordPress didn’t like me making money off them so I simply moved my site to my own server w/out the terms of service.

    Unfortunately I too work a real job and can’t spend all my time on my site either.

    If Frankie has difficult with font size on blogs… I suggest she presses Ctrl and + at the same time so that her screen resolution will get larger.

    As far as your hardcopy of the BIC… she can get a magnifying glass!

    Frankie is a strong person and not afraid to be critical of folks.

    Wish her tact was a little more subtle though!

    P.S. I’ve already made the commitment to myself that I wouldn’t take any political ads from any candidate this year. I call it “dirty money” in a sense.

  6. dakine
    dakine says:

    Hey now Tiffany!

    I’m amazed that the old question of quality of reporting verses the freedom of expression still wages on. I would have thought you’d have put us all at ease by now with some sort of statement of integrity, some version of self imposed guidelines that we could all point to with pride. You know, the sort of thing that would set BIC apart from the lonely rambling of some jerk like some of the other big island bloggers. I mean, I’d love to look at the BIC (both electronically and hard copy) and know that the things I read in it are the truth, as much of the truth as you can insure.

    Though at this point I would have to say your self given title as reporter has been tarnished.. is in real question girl, and maybe you should rethink the way you conduct your business. After all there are some things that are more important than money, don’t you think?

    And now, publishing (oh the thrill of outing another eh?) scraps of private emails.. gee Tiffany, are you that hard up for a higher visitor count on your site that you need to frickin create ‘news’ out of the back door ramblings of another.. of anyone? Is it really that hard to keep from scratching’ that sensationalist itch?

    I’d say grow up Tiffany! Otherwise you’re just another blogger spewing crap out there in pursuit of the all mighty dollar like all the others. And I doubt you want that.. do you?

    and here I am posting behind the wall of anonymity.. shame eh?

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