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  1. wow
    wow says:

    great questions
    good interview teh

    now setup an interview with one of her
    colleagues or former employee running against Faye

    “Warden of Kulani Prison” Really?

  2. Harry samelson
    Harry samelson says:

    She makes my skin crawl. It’s all everyone else’s fault, she’s misunderstood and the world needs to
    Be taught by her how to be truly Hawaiian, then everything will be ok. Let’s get the other side of the story. She’s been totally marginalized by her own party. There’s a reason for it, count on it.

  3. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    Too little, well too late.

    This Puna lawmaker got a thumbs down this morning when a Honolulu poll showed 3 percent thought she was overly punished. Another 17 percent felt it was “about right” while a whopping 80 percent rated the speaker’s action as inadequate.

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