PUNA BULLETIN — Have You Seen Daniel Andreas San Diego?

imageBy Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Have you seen Daniel Andreas San Diego?  Today FBI agents based out of the San Francisco area canvassing Pahoa businesses with the flyer above.  They say that Andreas, likely going by an alias, according to tipsters, may be on Hawaii Island and possibly hiding in the Puna area.  Note on this flyer that San Diego has been known to follow a strict vegan diet and has had tattoos on his chest, abdomen and back.  Note the images of the tattoos, which are primarily burning buildings.  The FBI agents say San Diego, age 36, is wanted for his alleged involvement in the bombings of two corporate offices in California in 2003.  A federal arrest warrant was issued in Northern District of California on Oct. 5, 2003, charging San Diego with maliciously damaging and destroying, and attempting to damage and destroy, by means of explosives, building and other property.  Note that San Diego is considered armed and dangerous.  The FBI agents say they believe San Diego made the bombs he used at the Chiron Corporation, in Emeryville, Calif., on Aug. 28, 2003, and at the Shaklee Corporation, in Pleasanton, Calif., on Sept. 26, 2003.

Call the San Francisco FBI office at (415)553-7400 with any leads.  You could possibly receive a $250,000 reward with information leading to San Diego’s whereabouts and prosecution.

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  1. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Well hell,this guy sounds serious…..not too many corporations in Puna ,yet.Last time the fbi swarmed Pahoa it was because supposedly ‘ecoterrorists’ had cut down papaya trees. None were found. I asked a number of papaya growers what they thought and they all said it was fellow papaya farmers, that were fueding. I wish the fbi had busted more of the child porn shops that once flourished in Pahoa, or the yakuza that made pahoa his hdqtrs. in the early 1980s

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