Ocean View News — Neighbor: Attempted Murder Victim Was Air-Lifted To Hospital

By Stephanie Shor

The Hawai’i Police Department is currently investigating an alleged suicide and attempted homicide, which was reported around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night.

An altercation reportedly occurred early in the evening between two men who occupied separate residences on property at the intersection of Tiki Lane and Luau Drive in Ocean View Estates.

During the argument, police say a 37-year-old male entered his home and was followed inside by his neighbor.  He was shot in hisresidence bythe 48-year-old man who then exited the house andfatally shot himself, according to a Hawai’i Police Department press release issued on Thursday morning.

A resident of Ocean View reported hearing gunshots early in the night from her residence on Princess Kaiulani Blvd. and later, the sound of a helicopter circling the area.

She noted that the gunshots and the sound of the rescue helicopter were heard so far apart that she did not put the two together at the time and so assumed that there was no emergency.

The attempted murder victim was reportedly airlifted to Kona Community Hospital and then on to Queen’s Medical Center in Oahu where he is currently in critical, but stable condition.  The identity of the suspect and victim are currently being withheld from the public until the respective families can be notified.

(Stephanie Shor is the news editor of University of Hawaii Hilo’s student newspaper, who is serving an as an intern to Big Island Chronicle.)

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