***Commentary***Editor’s Note For Print Issue 16: Space And Font


Hopefully this finds you well, stoked about springtime, with Easter and the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival on the horizon.  Hopefully you like the cover.  When I walked into John Mydock’s art studio recently,  his painting, “Hele Mele,” called to me.  I hope you love the cover as much as I do.  I wish I had more space to tell you more about Mydock than I did over there on page 3.  He is truly a fine artist, hunkered down in his Lower Puna home, and hopefully you are able to check out his work featured this month at Volcano Art Center.

As usual, this edition is a tight fit.  There is so much to pack in to 16 pages.  And I apologize that my budget doesn’t allow me to go beyond that at this time.  It’s simply a matter of the advertising dollars not being there.  And it’s really important that my family not go hungry as a result of me pursuing my newspapering dream.  I cannot express enough gratitude to the advertisers who loyally stand by BIC and ensure that this newspaper makes its monthly appearance. Hopefully you can express your appreciation to them too.

You will notice that, at the request of many of you, I have increased the font size.  It means a little less room to fit the stories, but it may make your reading a little more enjoyable.  The only exceptions are with this editorial and with my transcription of an interview with Rep. Faye Hanohano that you will find on pages 4-5, with a jump to page 9.  I had to pack in every word of a 49-minute interview and I didn’t have the luxury of taking more than three pages.  So, I had to shrink the font.  I am really sorry if the transcription is difficult to read.  I felt like it was important to share with you the full context of what I found to be quite a profound interview. Hopefully you’ll understand and take the time to read through the transcription.  If you want to see the video, feel free to check it out my website — David Corrigan of Big Island Video News and Baron Sekiya of Hawaii247 both captured footage of my visit with Hanohano.

In other news, notice that I have named longtime writer Alan McNarie Big Island Chronicle’s contributing editor. I truly value his work and his contributions to BIC.  And I also want him to take a leadership role with this newspaper.  (See his article on our state representatives’ struggle over home rule versus right to farm legislation, his viewpoint on the Mauna Kea conflict, and his thoughts about his new role with BIC on pages 6-7.)

With McNarie stepping in and having more editorial influence, I’m going to be able to step aside and allow this newspaper to be the community newspaper I have wished for it to be.  Honestly, I  am looking to pursue other interests.  And, perhaps, in the next print edition, I’ll be able to tell you definitively what I have in mind.  Surely, many of you must know that I have thought about running for public office.  Well, the thinking has progressed to deliberating.  Stay tuned.  Until the next edition, take care.

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