Letters — Time For Accountability At The University Of Hawaii

Once again the University of Hawaii appears to be on the verge of a scandal. This time it involves cost overruns and a scathing audit report centered around the Clarence T.C. Ching Complex which looks to be $3 million over budget with millions more possible.

Both the University Athletic Department and the Board of Regents were unaware of many of the delays and cost overruns and that is exactly the problem at the university, the leadership is unaware and nobody is held accountable.

The Ching complex delay is just another of in a growing list of failures facing UH. The Stevie Wonder blunder, the MRC Greenwood conflict with the Regents, and others that have cost UH millions in legal fees and buyouts.

While the Regents have failed to stop the fiscal bleeding, tuition has continued to rise, in fact it rose over 100% during Greenwoods tenure at UH.

The University has even failed to maximize the earnings potential of the athletic program. Recently UH chose to renew a contract with Oceanic Time Warner cable to broadcast games on a pay per view basis. The university failed to even listen to other offers that would have in fact proved more lucrative for UH. Hawaii News Now was poised to offer a package that would have allowed games to be broadcast to every home in the state without a pay per view component.

The university seems to have forgotten that it is in fact already funed by the people of this state.

What has been consistent at UH is ineptness, failure, and a lack of accountability for the people whose failures are being paid for by the people of the State of Hawaii and at the expense of the students in the UH system.

Now more than ever the university needs strong leadership. Someone with the power to hold the people in the system accountable for their failings, someone that can fire the people that need to be fired, and bring in people to get the job done.

The solution is very complicated. The university does not in fact answer to the legislature or the Governor. It’s time for that to change.

Our elected leaders need to take control of this situation. The Regents have demonstrated that they are in over their heads and unable to change the course that UH is on.

If you agree that legislative action is needed and that The University of Hawaii needs to be saved from itself I encourage you to contact the legislature and ask for action.

Steven Offenbaker


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  1. Kit
    Kit says:

    Cable companies traditionally pay a, what do you call it? An honorium? to the person who makes the decision.

  2. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Ching? this the same Ching who used to do the China trip?
    When I was at UHH he tried to scam me into going. He had an illegal racket, “Send your passport to my cousin in L.A. and he’ll get the visa stamp for you for $50.”
    Yea well you can get it yourself for $20.
    And when you get to Taiwan he would take all your money and convert it, and be your banker. Yea, don’t think so.
    How many people did they profit off of? Not me I called him on it and the administration. Crookedest college I have ever attended. 1 of 13

  3. Saul B.
    Saul B. says:

    I’d like to point out that UH-Hilo and UH-Manoa both have world class faculty, but the mission of the UH system has been ignored by the administration, who are swayed by alumni who seem to only care about athletics.

    I, for one, would like to see UH get out ahead of the student athlete controversy and take the seemingly radical step of disassociating all athletics from UH. These groups can then reform as independent non-profit or for-profit entities, more like the club systems of european nations.

    Then UH will have to get their priorities straight and focus on education, and improvement of their rapidly decaying facilities.

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