Hawaii News — According To The Latest Candidate Filing Report

State Office of Elections Releases Latest Candidate Report

By Cheryl King

A perusal of the March 28, 2014 candidate report may or may not have yielded a big surprise to Big Island Chronicle readers.

Notably, Tiffany Edwards Hunt, editor of Big Island Chronicle, has pulled nomination papers to run for County Council in District 5, but has not yet filed them.   Zendo Kern, the current incumbent, has not yet pulled papers.

Fred Blas, former Hawaii County Councilman for District 5 before the redistricting, seems to be deciding which office he wants.  He has pulled papers for County Council District 4, now represented by Greggor Illagan, as well as for State Representative of District 4, whose current incumbent is Faye Hanohano.

No one has yet pulled papers to run for District 3 Council, currently occupied by Dennis Onishi.

Still running unopposed are Districts 1, 7 and 8 Councilmembers Valerie Poindexter, Dru Kanuha and Margaret Wille.

Below is a list of the County Council candidates who have pulled nomination papers to file for office.   All candidates were able to pull them starting February 3 and they have until June 3, 2014 to actually file them.  Thus, we have two more months to go before we know who is really running.

The town given by each candidate’s name is the one listed on the report, but may be from a mailing address rather than a residence address.

Hawaii County Council Candidate Report March 28, 2014



Candidates with an asterisk by their name have filed their paperwork.

The city given by each candidate’s name is the one listed on the report, but may be a mailing rather than a residence address.

District 1

Valerie Poindexter – Ookala


District 2

Aaron Chung – Hilo

Shane Gali – Hilo

William Halversen – Hilo

Margarita Hopkins* – Hilo

Kerri Marks – Hilo


District 3

No one has yet pulled papers.


District 4


Frederick Blas – Hilo

Madeline Greene* – Pahoa

Roy Lozano – Pahoa

Alona Quartero – Hilo


District 5


Daniel Cunningham *– Hilo

Tiffany Edwards Hunt – Kurtistown

Henry Meyer Field, Jr. – Hilo

Timothy Law* – Pahoa

Frances Pueo – Mt. View


District 6


Richard Abbett – Ocean View

Maile David – Captain Cook

Frederick Fogel – Volcano


District 7


Dru Mamo Kanuha


District 8


Karen Eoff* – Kailua-Kona

Michael Hunter – Kailua-Kona


District 9


Margaret D. Wille* – Kamuela


To see a list of those who have pulled papers or filed for the U.S. Senate, State Legislature, and County Councils around the state, go to:



To see the rules for filing nomination papers, go to:  http://hawaii.gov/elections/factsheets/fsbo112.pdf

8 replies
  1. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Oh Tif say it isn’t so. Because when I saw you talking to Em and she said she was going to you said no way you would with family and all. Whaaaa happen?
    Yea you could probably win on name recognition, and yea it would be a nice income for you, yea you could probably beat the same re-runs, but really, why? LOL
    Don’t it, you’ll regret it. Give you one ulcer.
    Eye Karamba!

  2. Hugh Clark
    Hugh Clark says:

    I would not take seriously the fact many incumbents have not drawn nor filed nomination papers.

    Typically, they are among last to do so. Also, keep in mind the deadline was altered to accommodate far away voting –though many never got their ballots in the 2012 fiasco.

  3. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Sheriff Tiff,

    I suppose you know what you’re getting into, or else you wouldn’t have filed. Well, I’ll be rootin for you and hope you come out the same way you went in. (With honorable intentions)

    The ride you’re about to embark on is wilder than any 8 second ride. This can be one hell’ova “mean” bull, girl. Or it can be a very well trained horse. Know each and everyone in your posse,…..personally. Beware of an enemy in the camp,…..it happens. Be true to your cause, and your badge will sparkle.

    Here’s to ya! Gulp,….aaaaah!

    Giter done!


  4. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    I am responding to the front page story of Sunday’s May 4th 2014 Hawaii Tribune-Herald ”
    Attendance records improve: Analysis reveals County Council members are showing up, but some still could be better”
    and our county council’s attendance at council meetings and the all important votes for bills which concern us all on the big island. It is refreshing to see that some of our county council members who represent us are taking this seriously and do what is required. What concerns me is the chronic problem of Dennis (fresh) Onishi to take this job seriously! Are the people of Hilo aware that he was brought to the attention of the ethics committee for his paltry attendance issues in the last council in 2012? He is being paid $48,000 per year for a part time job where he is supposed to show up twice a month to represent district three in Hilo but he continually falls to the bottom of the list in attendance! It is obvious to me that he is taking this large sum of money and does not think that the people of Hilo will notice that he doesn’t show up for meetings and important votes! If we did that in our jobs, we would be dismissed! I ask the voters of Hilo and district three to consider someone who represents their interests in this up coming election! Kudos to the other council members who take this honor to represent us seriously and show up for work and care about the issues that are important to their constituents. I think it’s time for “Fresh” to get removed from a position where he is paid to represent us and doesn’t.
    Please someone pull papers to run against this useless politician

  5. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Kurt,

    It seems the majority of constituents in District 3 are rather pleased with “Fresh” Onishi’s failures and successes, for he keeps getting re-elected. But if you honestly feel that you could do better, then by all means,….step up to the plate and file your bid to replace him.

    But don’t get your hopes up, the “Status Quo” seems to work for “Fresh”.


  6. Hilo35
    Hilo35 says:

    My understanding is that he is often pulled away to the other islands due to various committees or associations that other members aren’t willing to be a part of

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