Letters — About The Upcoming Albizia Workshops

Hi Tiffany,

As The Big Island Chronicle is one of the primary news sources for Puna, we wanted to let you know that the Big Island Invasive Species Committee is holding two Community Training Workshops on albizia tree control on Saturday 4/12 and 5/10 in Black Sands, Puna.
These workshops are part of BIISC’s “Albizia Demonstration Project” which aims to educate the public about albizia control, coordinate stakeholders to control albizia in a 500-acre area, and develop “best practices” to be duplicated statewide.
(In the next post) is a press release on the upcoming workshops and the work in Black Sands. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Dayva Keolanui

Outreach Coordinator

Big Island Invasive Species Committee

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  1. greg
    greg says:

    Thanks for the valuable information Peter. The lessons to be learned here are not to compost your garden with dead albezia trees.

    As far as the dangerous use of herbicide; the County’s Island wide spraying of highway shoulders with thousands of gallons of Roundup is much more irresponsible than the targeting of individual trees in the middle of the Forrest with a very small amount of poison.

  2. Errol
    Errol says:

    Interesting info…makes you think about the usage of herbicides… It could really be damaging to our land and much more…the food garden. Natural farmer “Masanobu Fukuoka” of Japan doesn’t believe in using agriculture chemicals or herbicides. Its damaging to the crop and land. There are some interesting videos of him. See “Natural Farming” . But in any case, just like you said….”Check Out Your Poison……Good Advice. Thank you… Aloha

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