***Commentary*** Grant-In-Aid Applicants To Hear State Legislature Decision Today

Today we find out the State Legislature’s decision on grant-in-aid applications. I am hopeful that Pahoa Booster Club receives funding to help restart the football program at Pahoa High and Intermediate School. I also have my fingers crossed that Kua O Ka La gets funding for a certified kitchen, and Puna Community Medical Center gets start-up funds for an emergency room. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. Russell Ruderman
    Russell Ruderman says:

    I am very happy to share some good news! The Booster Club was funded in the final version of state budget($93k), as was the PCMC planning money ($800k), the Puna Library planning money ($750k), and Malama O Puna’s forest restoration project headed by Jaya ($107k)! I worked very hard to get people to understand the importance of these projects. A press release with full details will arrive soon.
    I wish I had good news on the Kua o Ka La kitchen but I could not get that to make the cut.
    Thank you Tiff for your work on behalf of our community.

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