Letters — Greggor Ilagan Is Concerned About Council Members’ Proposed Pay Increase

Aloha Media,

On April 21, Councilman Greggor Ilagan submitted the following letter to the Hawai?i County Salary Commission. His letter conveys his concerns about a pay raise being proposed for County Council Members.

He further states he will use any raise granted for urgent charitable needs in his district.

Letter for Salary Commission
Image 1 (Council Member Greggor Ilagan, District 4)

Please email or call with any questions or comments.

Office of Councilman Greggor Ilagan
District 4 | Hawai?i County Council

8 replies
  1. Errol
    Errol says:

    A simple way of saying his money will go from his left pocket to his right pocket when the urgent needs arrive.

  2. hazen
    hazen says:

    Now come on, i’m not a big Greggor champion, but Errol, what basis do you have for such a statement, for chrissakes the guy is voting AGAINST his own salary increase, why are you accusing him of self-serving. You can criticize other members for not opposing it, be he seems pretty in the clear on this issue.

  3. The Casual Observer
    The Casual Observer says:

    Can’t say the young brother councilman does not know politics. Good for him. And he knows how to campaign. Go ‘head Greggor! on to your 2nd term.

  4. RONald
    RONald says:

    Refusing the raise is actually administratively difficult. He says he will contribute the raise to worthy needs in Puna (and we all know that there are many of those).

    What I normally see from Greggor is thoughtful action. You can agree or disagree with him – but he puts in the time to thoughtfully consider what he is doing.

  5. Errol
    Errol says:

    @hazen…you drew your own conclusion that I’m accusing Greggor of being self-service. I just left my statement as is to see the response. But thank you, it brought attention. I doubt if anyone will permanently give/donate all his pay raise in their existance as a Councilman or what ever. I’m just responding to his statement to donate his money to meet Urgent needs in Puna. Like RONald says, there are many and I can name a couple thousands Charitable Organization around the world and some in Hawaii. I never said I was against or for their pay raise either. A few donations will be nice. Or do as we did while I was working in Hilo post office and make an allotment or payroll deduction to “Combined Federal Campaign” . I made mines to Hawaii Island Adult Care and so did most of the postal worker to other organization. I’m sure Puna has lots of urgent needs. The Casual Observer is right, he does know how to campaign. Put your money where you mouth is and help… Aloha

  6. tia
    tia says:

    Although a thoughtful idea, Ilegan will never be able to see it through as there will not be a second term for him.

  7. Brian F. Jordan
    Brian F. Jordan says:

    Greggor Illagan has the second best attendance record on the County council. He has not been an embarrassment to the community as past Council Members have. He had crosswalks and lights in 4 day sat Keonopoko School in Hwn Bchs. The fact that he is mentioning the unmerited pay raise is something you won’t here in politics very often. He treats this as his full time job which is admirable. Errol I am glad you are charitable and it is commendable. I invite you into the Arena RUN FOR OFFICE! I am also proud of Greggor for telling the people the truth. Tia who do you envision. Do we waste 2 million on Civil Defense Funds or Perhaps hand out racial slurs at the Council. Greggor will see a second term because he has worked harder and bragged less than past Councilmen. If he is not re elected you will not see him infer the voters are stupid as we have seen in past Council losses.

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