Puna News — Department Of Water Supply Presentation To Mountain View Planners Thursday

The Department of Water Supply Manager-Chief Engineer Quirino Antonio, Jr., together with his Engineering staff, will present the water system plans for upper Puna at the next meeting of the Mountain View Village Planning committee. Please join us on May 8, 2014, 6:00 p.m., in the Cafeteria of the Mountain View Elementary School. Everyone is invited to attend. — Susan Langer

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    You deleted my posting . There Is no board member in HA trying to dissolve the board . There are 3000 landowners being refused to Vote at annual meetings against the charter . . lack of The facts there. All 4009 landowners get to decide connectivity not any boards . Read the charter and master plan filed in BOC before inception of these urban lots we pay for out of pocket .
    Second part of that thread is connectivity . Why is only HA ; the least commonality as pure agricultural and native forest dedication, no commercial zoning paying for county out of their pockets ? 14 years paying to have no emergency response lost over MOHO is the issue being criminally addressed .
    No. Only Hawaiian aces is paying three highways that and only native forest conservation that don’t five us any emergency response but remove it . We are owed 14 years and closed roads get the only traffic lights while district 4 gets paid for 4 lane highway ? It’s all subdivisions or none . Why does Ainaloa urban get paid millions while HA goes millions in
    Debt paying their own paved roads? There is no preexisting road from Ainaloa to HA . there are mapped Hpp to red road . Orchidland to Ola’a and fern acres charter to Eden Rock . Leilani across to Leilani. &48,000 I paid to 4 councils is illegally continue their non notification to landowners of one persons plan . . BOC declared all subdivision pay for connectors or none . April 2014. Patti pinto who refuses to open 3 preexisting roads says
    ” HA landowners are paying for 160′ wide highway out of their personal private road fees . After losing 400 million over Moho . Truth needs to be addressed . We lost all roads over lying Dpw . Why are they closed all 3 of our entrances at same time ? Where iw the fire truck ? Brand new ?

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