Puna News — An Invitation To County Council And State House District 4 Candidates: Malama O Puna Forums Slated For June

(Media release) — Every election year Malama O Puna, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, hosts a series of Candidate Forums. These are free informational forums to which all the candidates are invited to state their positions on environmental issues and to answer questions from the voting public. This year we will invite candidates for the two Puna Council Districts 4 and 5 and the State House District 4 Puna-Ka‘u.

All candidates who have filed for the offices are invited. The forums are non-partisan. The questions posed are worded neutrally and are not skewed to favor any candidate or political philosophy. The purpose of the forums is for the purpose of civic education, i.e., to provide a venue wherein the public can compare the positions of the candidates on given issues, so that they can be better informed when they cast their ballots.

All 3 forums will be held at the community center in Pahoa, also known as the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm as follows:

?County Council District 4 – Thursday, June 5
?County Council District 5 – Thursday, June 12
?State House. Puna/Ka‘u – Thursday, June 12

The format will be as follows: 5 minute introductory remarks by each candidate. Then Malama O Puna will kick off the questioning with its own 4 questions (the host’s prerogative). These will fall under the general categories of the 3 Gs (Geothermal, GMOs, Garbage) and Invasive Species. Candidates will answer on a rotating basis, taking turns at being first. Each candidate will have 3 minutes to respond with no interruptions. After this there will be a 5 minute break and then the floor will be opened to questions from the public on any topic. Questions may be addressed to one or more candidates. Candidates will each have up to 3 minutes to respond. If time allows, each candidate will be allowed to make short closing remarks.

We intend to keep the playing field as level as possible. Please ask your supporters to maintain decorum and respect for the opinions of others.

So that we may include your name in later press releases and notices as attending, and arrange candidate seating, please RSVP immediately to malamaopuna@yahoo.com .

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