Hawaii News — Dr. Tyrone Hayes To Speak On The Big Island

imageHawaii Seed and the Mom Hui presents,
as part of the “Raise Awareness Inspire Change” Speaker Series:

Dr. Tyrone Hayes — Silencing the Independent Scientist

Where: UH Hilo campus, Science & Technology Building, Room 108
When: Monday evening, May 19th, 6-8pm

What: A free presentation open to the public by UC Berkeley Professor Tyrone Hayes, telling his findings from 15 years of research on the herbicide Atrazine and his struggle with the Syngenta corporation, the maker of Atrazine. His story of scientific and political corruption was recently featured in the New Yorker magazine. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/02/10/140210fa_fact_aviv?currentPage=all

Between 6-6:30 pm there will be light refreshments and an opportunity to meet Dr. Hayes. A question and answer period will follow his presentation. Paul Towers from Pesticide Action Network will speak as well, presenting an overview of pesticide use nationally and internationally, and the significant role Hawaii plays as ground zero for open-air pesticide experimentation.

Dr. Hayes has discovered that atrazine, the most widely used herbicide in America, is a disruptor of the endocrine system — emasculating male frogs and transforming them into fully functioning reproductive females. Highly published in peer-review journals since the 1990s, Dr. Hayes is an advocate for the critical review and regulation of pesticides and chemicals that cause adverse health effects in communities.

Currently the County of Kauai is embroiled in a lawsuit over regulating and enforcing County Ordinance 960 generated from House Bill 2491 that was recently passed. This bill calls for the creation of buffer zones around schools, hospitals, etc., and the public’s right to know of pesticide use in agriculture. This is a crucial issue for all of us to grasp. The future of thriving communities depend on informed citizens’ understanding of the links between human health, children’s ability to learn, and environmental health.

Dr. Hayes will also be speaking the following day, Tues., May 20, at Kona Island Naturals’ upstairs meeting room, 6-8pm. Please stay tuned for any more Kona events.

Mahalo for helping us pass the poster below to as many people as possible!

For more information contact:
Jeri De Petro, (808) 651-1332
Blake Watson (808) 315-4007

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