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  1. Bruce Albrecht
    Bruce Albrecht says:

    Tiff, if you haven’t already, I suggest you learn about Section 230 of 47 USC which provides you certain protections from defamatory comments written on your blog. You can find more information on this topic at:
    https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/230. As always, you should consult a legal professional familiar with this area of the law for further guidance.

    Having said that, your readers should be aware that they certainly can be held liable for any defamatory or slanderous comments they author or promote, even anonymously. There have been several cases in US courts where subpoenas have been successfully granted to unearth the identity of anonymous individuals in order to sue them for defamation.

    In short, you have the right to remove comments that violate your ethics, but as the publisher you also have a certain amount of protection from liability for the actions of others and could find justification for leaving them.
    I would suggest you post an ethics and privacy policy on a static page which would afford you even more protection from inappropriate commenters.

  2. Peter Altomare
    Peter Altomare says:

    Good information, helps to define online speech and liability issues.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Rick Damerville
    Rick Damerville says:

    Tiffany, another alternative is to look back at the history of posts by anonymous, pseudonym posters and after finding no merit to their posts justifying first amendment protection, decide not to accept such posts.

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