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Aloha faithful readers,

As you can see with the latest edition, the main editor’s note is coming from Alan McNarie.  The story behind the story with that is that I have officially decided to seek public office — I am running for Hawaii County Council District 5.  I’m making a very conscious effort to keep business, business and to keep politics and campaigning in their rightful place.  So, you’re not going to read much about my campaign here, unless I prepare myself an advertisement.  (You can follow my newly created campaign website at www.tiffanyedwardshunt.tumblr.com.)  In the hopes that I will prevail in the Aug. 9 primary election, I am transitioning away from having editorial control of this newspaper.  Alan McNarie is currently the contributing editor of the newspaper, which means that he is going to have more say in what is published in these pages.  He will continue to write, but his editorial leadership is going to be paramount.  In other related news, I have found a student at Hawaii Academy of Art and Sciences Public Charter School who has a compelling enough interest in learning the fundamentals of newspapering to effectively serve as a BIC intern.  She has introduced herself to you, but I will tell you that her name is Sage Brand.  She can write, but she is also very artistic and keen on learning computer programs such as Photoshop. There are a couple of ads in this edition that she specifically designed  I’m excited for her to see them in print.  Hopefully it will inspire her to delve deeper into learning the program and all the possibilities she has with design.  You can keep track of her as she uses Big Island Chronicle for her laboratory.  And feel free to contact her to design an ad for you.  Hopefully you enjoyed the print edition, particularly Alan’s piece on our homeless challenges here on Hawaii Island, and also my coverage of State House District 4. You may have noticed in the print edition my coverage on the May 17 Pahoa Spirit Parade.  We are celebrating our student athletes, and the fact that the Hawaii State Legislature approved a grant in aid request for $92,000 for 8-man football at Pahoa High and Intmediate School.  This parade is really our effort to show our community spirit and town pride.  Other things to be proud of: the Legislature approved $80,000 in grant-in aid funds for the planning of a Puna library in Pahoa.  And $750,000 will go toward the planning of a new enmergency room in Pahoa, thanks to a grant-in aid request approved for the Puna Community Medical Center.  More on those in another edition.

A hui hou,


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