Guest Column — The Virtue Of Farmers’ Markets

imagesBy Dena Smith

One of the ways that we pay the price for living in paradise is the sticker shock at the grocery store. And if you eat organic, the cost is even more alarming. Besides other obvious reasons, this is an excellent motivating factor for taking advantage of the optimal growing climate here in Hawaii by cultivating your own food. However, even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can promote a green lifestyle by patronizing any of the many local farmers’ markets around the Big Island. Markets are a cornerstone of sustainable community development. Besides lowering your food bill, farmers’markets host a plethora of other benefits.

Selling direct to customers allows small farms and business owners to lower their overhead and increase their profits. It also promotes self-sufficiency as dependency on distributors and retailers is eliminated. It creates a direct relationship between farmer and consumer, which in turn strengthens the interconnected fabric of community.

The bright colors, lively sounds, and delicious scents of a fresh air market can be a pleasant departure from cavernous, fluorescent-lit, homogenized corporate stores. In most cases, food sold at farmers’ markets is grown locally and, as a result, is often fresher, healthier, and tastier. In addition, food costs are usually lower than grocery stores. Farmers’ markets can also save consumers money by reducing transportation costs, especially in rural areas.

Studies have shown that a high percentage of the money earned at farmers’ markets often stays in the community. This is the magnification effect that locally spent money has on local economy.Reduced transport, storage, and refrigeration of food also lowers pollution and transportation infrastructure costs. Farmers’ markets promote social connection, entrepreneurialism, and local commerce. They are ideal incubators for local cottage industry and can serve as a conjunction for pairing mentors with apprentices.

But like most other great ideas, this is certainly not a new one.Markets have existed since ancient times. In ancient Greece, theAgora was a central marketplace. The translation of the word ‘agora’literally means “gathering place” or “assembly.” In ancient Rome, theForum was the nucleus of commercial affairs and the center of Roman public life. The Grand Bazaar (circa 1455) in Istanbul isregarded as the world’s oldest still-operating market. The Aztec market of Tlatelolco was the largest in all the Americas in the 15th century.

All over the world, markets have often been the center of culture and commerce of civilizations for generations, especially those located in rural areas. Public markets, street markets, floating markets, bazaars, swap meets…whatever the name, the intention is the same: a place to connect and do business.

The evolution of commerce in America reflects its “bigger is better”mentality: from exchanging goods at a crossroad to village market to trading posts then on to general stores to grocery and department stores to big box stores…and now…to virtual online stores for goods delivered straight to our homes. We may have streamlined industrial commerce, but we have lost the human commerce in the process. However, like many other sociological trends, there is a cyclical change happening as the demand for local foods and a need for social reconnection is emerging. According to Farmers Markets of America, customers drawn to farmers’ markets shop locally for three main reasons: food quality, better prices, and a great social atmosphere.

Sustainable living practices always prevail because that is the definition of sustainability: something that is “able to be maintained.”Sometimes it takes us a while to figure out when something isn’t quite working but it appears that we are starting to wake up and realize that modern commerce is not meeting some of our basic human needs. Farmers’ markets can help bridge that gap by providing patrons with whole foods (foods closest to their most natural state) and soul foods (the nourishment people receive when they ingest meaningful connection with others).

Living among the most isolated island chain in the world, sustainability is not an option. It’s a necessity. Whether you believe that climate change or social anarchy is a possibility or a probability in your lifetime, it doesn’t hurt to plan for either. So the next time you need groceries, consider this: are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

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  1. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    Thanks for this, Dena.

    You certainly bring to the fore the many important contributions “farmers markets” — in varied forms — to meeting our needs.

    In discussions on this island, in and out of government, regarding “local agriculture” and “food sovereignty” , this basic point is too often way under appreciated — producing, producing, producing is always of interest, but not so for markets where farmers and consumers can come together.

  2. The Casual Observer
    The Casual Observer says:

    I notice that at two of the more popular Farmer’s markets we have (downtown Hilo and Makuu), there are many vendors selling produce that is not locally grown. Some of this produce is even purchased from local supermarkets before they “go bad.” Still cheaper than purchasing it at Safeway or KTA. But it goes completely against the sustainable “grown here, not flown here” mantra.

  3. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    Right you are, C.O.
    ‘Know Your Farmer’ really means something.

    btw: The Farm Bureau supported market on Kinoole and the SPACE market in Seaview are both for locally grown or locally produced items.

  4. Greg
    Greg says:

    The Maku’u market has plenty of locally produced produce. Please support these vendors, and bring about the change you want.

  5. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    Indeed, Greg, there are several vendors of locally produced fruit, veggies, flowers, and more at Maku`u Market. We get our greens — lots of ’em, organic, and onolicious — from the Johnson Farm vendors at Maku`u and have for years.

  6. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    HPP needs a weekly farmers market and now that the greedy Makuu Mkt. managers/owners are charging for parking they will be loosing customers. Imagine if KTA or any other food store charged you for parking while buying food. Problem with these markets is without restricting to “hone grown” produce you get the same gmo wholesale stuff they sell everywhere else. A few vendors sell their own but the majority are just retailers selling stuff as C.O. mentioned. The few who sell the real deal run out early.

  7. Greg
    Greg says:

    As a matter of disclosure, it should be pointed out that Peter (NW) doesn’t get along with the Maku’u Farmers Association any better than he does most anyone else. They called him out on taking handicapped parking away from those who really need it, and passing his beautiful pets off as service animals; thus depriving him of much needed attention.

    Take his comments with a grain of salt; or go to the Pahoa Market with fewer vendors, food, entertainment, restrooms, parking spaces, or customers.

  8. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Well Greg as you THINK you KNOW something you don’t my Service Dog/s are allowed in the Market because we went to arbitration and a Civil Rights Action is pending. YOU are not a doctor and don’t know jack about what you run your mouth about. You ain’t Superman and you don’t have x-ray vision.
    It’s Phucktards like you who handicapped people have to deal with all the time. I have the LEGAL right to use the Handicapped parking and am so ‘licensed’ to do so. So unless you think I’m fooling MRI’s, CT Scans, Specialists, SS Disability and the all the legal systems, YOU are the village idiot.
    It’s assholes like you who mind other people’s business and not your own.

  9. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    And IF I’m “passing my beautiful pets off” as you say, as Service Animals, (which they are 2 generations of now) why is it the courts recognize them, TSA and the airlines recognize them, any store, restaurant or business recognizes them, and now Makuu Market does too, after being educated. But you are the authority? ?
    The Hawaii Disability Rights folks asked me to be an advocate on this island for them but I have no interest in deal with the likes of Mr. Think they know it alls like you. You’re one of the people who if THEY can’t SEE someone’s disability then they must be fakin. YOU need to get your own life and mind it.

  10. Greg
    Greg says:

    Hi Peter.

    I certainly don’t doubt that you have certification for your “Service Animals”. You can get them online very cheaply. I’m also sure you have your disabled sticker to conveniently pull into the front row so everyone can see your ridiculous truck and your beautiful 160 pound “service” animals. You no doubt are all legal and square with the authorities. If I or anyone else had your intense need for attention and the time necessary, we could document a disability too.

    The problem is; the fraudulent use of these certificates is not just despicable, but harmful to those who are legitimately disabled. I work with people with disabilities; Quadriplegics, victims of MS and Cerebral Palsy, and other conditions that severely impede their mobility.

    While your intense insecurity, or whatever legitimate need you have to strut with your comfort animals is legal; I dislike seeing people with real mobility issues having to take a back seat to your “look at me” parade.

    Just know that however righteous you can convince yourself you are, most everyone else thinks your a prick.

  11. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Hey Gregy,
    Can’t believe you’re stupid enough to make up such silly accusations. Didn’t know you were an Orthopedic surgeon too.
    You are one dumb toad with the prick up your ass.
    And like I said you don’t what the hell you’re talking about because you know nothing of my medical issues.
    I fooled the MRI’s and cat scans too right? lol
    Ok Superman with x-ray vision. What a fool you be.

    I have no insecurities nor do I seek attention. Quite the opposite actually, I wish people would mind their own minini lives and NOT give me their attention.
    You obviously have some insecurities and feel intimidated by my presence, I guess.

    And because you don’t like my truck I could care less. I’m sure you didn’t build yours like I did mine right?, so you’re just what? jealous? Sure seems like EVERYONE but you likes the Punabuilt truck.

    You really are a coward to be stating this on line. Why don’t you come up to me in public and say how you feel? My dogs don’t bite.

    And IF you knew jack about the law one doesn’t need any online stickers or fake documents, of which I don not use. WRONG again. The law is quite clear enough for those who know how to read it. I do carry that to educate those who assume incorrectly.

    But it seems like it’s just about you and what you believe, not from any actual knowledge you have, other than your assumptions from looking on.

    You’re the asshole to be even talking about this, but then what you say doesn’t really matter because you are of no consequence, just another opinionated ass. YOU need to read the law and shut the fuck up because your ego is bigger the the piles my dogs drop.

    It’s people like you who harass people with unseen disabilities that forums like this are good for because it shows how ignorant the general public is when it comes to the ADA and Service Animals.
    Thank you.
    By your assumptions it shows how ignorant you are.
    Just because people don’t fit your interpretation of what should or shouldn’t be doesn’t make you right.

    But by your wording, “strut with my comfort?” animals.
    It is clear you’re just a jealous cry baby.
    Have a nice day, fucktard. And thanks for showing how ignorant some of the public can be.

    Oh and just because you might work with the disabled doesn’t make you and expert on anyone’s needs. Ask me if I care what “most everyone else thinks” too. I don’t live my life to please you or them.

    Have any more stupid comments?

  12. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Gregy try wait…Before you show your ignorance some more let me educate you. You remind me of the moron who walked up to my Service Dog and I when we flew over to Maui to see a specialist. Sitting outside a coffee shop this busy body asks “what does that dog do for you.” like what? wtf is it to you? He, like you, made assumptions, based on appearance? looks? belief that I was strutting my stuff while sitting down? What ever,… but he goes off on “it’s people like you….” SAME AS YOU, and continues to tell me how he’s worked with Service Dogs in Florida and blah blah.

    I had to ask him if he knew what state he was standing in, other than his state of confusion thinking I had to disclose anything to his nosy rude self.
    Because it’s none of his business before anything else. Like it’s none of your’s.
    I told him he needs to READ the ADA Laws and for the State of Hawaii, specifically Attachment (P) which takes the ADA Laws even further.

    Let me share part of that with you and anyone else reading who thinks WRONGLY, like you.

    “The Americans with Disabilities Act defines a service animal as ” any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability.” Hawaii law has a similar, but more specific definition. It relates only to dogs which assist people with disabilities. Hawaii law does not include reference to service “animals.”

    A “guide dog” assists a person who is blind or who has low vision. The animal provides mobility guidance within the community.

    A “signal (hearing) dog” assists people with hearing loss. The animal may perform functions such as alerting persons to sounds such as the doorbell, phone ringing, emergency sirens or other abnormal environmental sounds.

    A “service dog” or “service animal” assists people with mobility and other disabilities. The animal may assist people with mobility impairments by pulling wheelchairs, picking up items, carrying items or assisting persons with balance.

    A service animal is not a pet. Furthermore, a service animal must perform specific functions and tasks that the individual with a disability cannot perform for him or herself. An animal which merely provides companionship and which is not trained to perform tasks is not a service animal, but a pet.
    (my dogs are trained to provide a service they are not merely pets as assumed by you.)

    How can I tell if an animal is really a service or assistance animal and not a pet?
    (This is if you’re a business NOT! a BUSY BODY off the street.)

    “SOME (get that? SOME), but not all, service animals wear special collars and harnesses. SOME, but not all, are licensed or certified and have identification papers.” If you are not certain that an animal is a service animal, you may ask the person who has the animal if it is a service animal required because of a disability. However, an individual generally is NOT REQUIRED to show documentation as a condition for providing service to the individual . . . . Again this is for proprietors NOT Joe Greg Public.
    — to busy bodies you don’t have to tell them squat!–

    So before you post about that which you seem to know very little of, except for your opinion and stupid assumptions, you should KNOW what you are talking about. Since you don’t know me, never been to my house or know how I live. ANYTHING you have to say is irrelevant. Until you get an M.D. in Orthopedics you need to mind your own business.

    It’s really apparent your ego is speaking for you.
    Thanks for opening the discussion so others can learn even though you made a fool of yourself in doing so.

    One more note, get used to it because my medical issues are continuing and are life long ones and these dogs and their future generations will be accompanying me for the rest of my life. I probably have another 20-30 years and future generations will be working Service dogs as well. If you like it or not. Have a nice day.

  13. Greg
    Greg says:

    Once again Peter, you list all the reasons you are legally entitled to do what you do. I’ve never argued otherwise.

    As a “moron” embracing his right to free speech and political incorrectness, I still think you act despicably, and your fraudulent use of legal system does damage to those in genuine need of access rather than attention.

    If you really can’t strut through the market without your animals; you have my pity, but to tell you the truth, I pitied your obsession with self absorption even before you researched and perfected this present scam.

    While you strut, someone with real mobility issues may be stuck. You are however, legally entitled to be a self centered, pitiable, narcissist. This is America. You are free to be a dick.

  14. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    ok this isn’t about who’s right or wrong it’s about your stupidity. Because an ignorant person can be educated, but a stupid person even when given the educational opportunity refuses to educated themselves.

    You are clearly bent on some ego trip and I should have realized that when you unzipped your pants with the first stupid remark.

    You and your obsession with my “strutting”. LOL Save your pity for your hateful dark soul. All all the names you call are just mirror reflections of your insipid disbelief’s. Because you “Think” I act despicably really is of no consequence because opinions are like assholes. Just that assholes like you just seem to have bigger ones.

    All your narcissistic, self-centered verbiage really tells me of your self-loathing or insecurities, except when you hide on the keyboard. I’m a Peter, you’re the “dick, moron”. No one needs, wants or cares what you pity. You are nobody but an opinionated ass-wipe.

    You aren’t a doctor, you aren’t an authority, you aren’t any agency, not a lawyer, not disabled yourself, you’re what? a busy body. Get a life fool.
    Zip your zipper back up it’s blowing in your face.

    Once again…

  15. Greg
    Greg says:

    Thanks for your eloquent reply. I’ll leave it at this;

    Those of us that support equal access for those with disabilities know that the fraudulent use of service animals and permits is a major setback for the disabled.

    Some people use these tools because they have to; some because they want to. Because of political correctness, and laws designed to protect the truly disabled, It’s difficult to prove fraud.

    Does the hat fit? I think so.

    Now to you for the last word.

  16. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    LOL say what? Hat? it’s shoe not hat… Dr. Greg,
    What you THINK, is irrelevant. What you believe is Politically correct is also irrelevant. As is YOUR OPINION of anyone, w/without disabilities.

    What is a bigger set back for those of us with disabilities and Service Dogs are opinionated, how do you describe yourself? “narcissistic, moron, prick, dick”s as your vocabulary mainly consists of. Your predisposition for the use of names descriptive of male genitalia, can mean one of a few things. None of which I care to digress to.

    Those who bear false witness, get their own karma, rather quickly on this island as I can bear witness to. I have some stellar examples. They loss their jobs, homes and everything they built. But let’s get back to you and your hatred.
    Having just returned from town, with my truck and a pair, part of the pack, I immerse myself in the aloha that is stimulated when ever I pull her out onto the road.
    No one in near a dozen years has even pulled out in front of us prematurely, cutting my flow from a cross street. Like they do if I was driving anything else.
    Can’t count the shakas, thumbs up smiles and requests for pictures. It’a Punabuilt truck and ALL the people I know OR who have approached it were positive. And that’s all well and good but that’s not WHY I drive it.

    But since you brought it up let me enlighten you, just because it’s been in a few parades, car shows and the front page of the Hilo newspaper doesn’t mean it was built for attention. Let me explain it to you. It’s my 57′ Chevy from High School or for those who like Fords would have been my 68′ Mustang. But I had a 29′ Chevy Truck back then too. It’s not a hot rod, it doesn’t race.
    It’s a farm truck and does that with grace.
    It’s not about what others think.
    And I really don’t care if you don’t like it,
    it wasn’t built to please you.

    Now and then, once every couple of years, some Mr. Think’s They Know it All, crawls out from some twisted puka to act stupid. Does the SHOE, fit?
    Since you THINK, you know so much about me, your whole rant boils down to just YOUR hateful egotistical rant.
    Since I’m positive you have absolutely NO access to my medical records, YOUR fraudulent “matter of disclosure”, was purely just a personal attack about persons with disabilities. Hypocrite much?

    And since you hide behind your alias, truthfully I think your name is really Dick, then your opinion is that of any desperate crackhead. Running into the likes of you, those opinionated insignificant insensitive politically correct wannabe false experts, is but 1-2% of the time, you can’t think it matters? There will always be the likes of you.

    I seriously really don’t care, my dogs don’t care. Only you and your really small circle of friends can gossip and wallow about it.

    It’s not difficult to prove fraud. Proof, you have none, therefore YOU, are the fraud. You should have gotten the alias of casual observer first because that’s all, you really are, call yourself an advocate? lol or anything you want. Call me anything you want. Doesn’t make it so. Your life must be miserable.
    I feel sorry for you Dr. Greg.
    ..and that’s my last word.

  17. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    but not my final word,….
    for the sake of FULL, disclosure..
    what makes you the expert?
    Your occupation? It’s not in the field obviously.
    We know you’re not a doctor or a lawyer,
    Or law enforcement, or anything in a legal capacity.

    What, are you a run out of unemployment-insurance spec house framer? Joe the Plumber? A fireman? A highway flag man?
    or just a blogger who plays video games all day wishing he had an exciting life? Making a fool of himself.
    You’re a professional what? busy body? full disclosure

  18. Greg
    Greg says:

    “If the hat fits, let dem wear it”

    I was referencing Bob Marley, an obscure reggae artist.

    Last last word

  19. Greg
    Greg says:

    My qualifications to express an opinion? Same as yours; I’m a free citizen.

    Let me ask you a question; As a person with disabilities, do you think the fraudulent use of service animals and/or permits is a problem? If so, how would you address the issue?

  20. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    I see just as I thought you’re just an opinionated …
    (insert all the names you called me).

    You aren’t qualified to have an educated opinion.
    Right? you have have no clue what you’re talking about
    it’s just an opinion? I guess you didn’t read the link I provided.

    First and foremost, it’s none of YOUR business.
    And it’s none of MY business if I think someone is using their situation, dog, interpretation of the law or unseen medical condition to have their rat dog barking at my Service Dog while he’s working. Maybe their dog detects seizures or an arrhythmia in their owner. I’m not a doctor it’s none of my business. I’m not anyone else’s keeper, nor are you mine.

    Second, You keep speaking of permits when none is required by law, in the State of Hawaii and there is no ADA registry. So the fraudulent use of one “permit” is moot.

    And Thirdly, if a dog is trained to do a specific task, not clear or visible to you, do as the law states,
    as was stated in the link if you took the time…

    “Some, but not all, service animals wear special collars and harnesses. Some, but not all, are licensed or certified and have identification papers. If you are not certain that an animal is a service animal, you may ask the person who has the animal if it is a service animal required because of a disability.
    (IF and ONLY IF you have a business that one enters, not if you’re just some AH on the street) However, an individual generally is not required to show documentation…..”

    There are numerous websites selling ID’s, certifications, registrations and authorizations all to make a money off those who both need them to let other’s know not to ask them and those who may want to use them as you state, fraudulently, no matter those selling badges don’t care money is money.. They make it off those wishing to have something to show those who have nothing better to do than go around pre-judging others because of some personal character inadequacies they need to work out.

    Do I think it’s a problem? Only if you don’t like animals. I don’t see a animal problem anywhere in public. Can’t remember the last dog fight in public I’ve seen. Can’t ever recall seeing any aggressive dogs in town. No I don’t see a problem there.
    I see a problem with near 10k animals being killed every year on this side of the island. I see a problem any day I look on craigslist and see cats and dogs given away free like an old couch because it won’t fit with the new apartment. If they can’t give it away they throw it away at the Keaau dog pound.

    People who use animals for support for disabilities know that they are more reliable than mechanical apparatuses or even human support because humans can be distracted. Service Dogs live for one reason only and that is to be of service to you, 24/7/365 batteries not needed. Not to “strut” around as you put it, they’re working. You don’t see my Service Dog flirting and working the crowd. I can pull up right next to a truck with two rotts or pits barking and growing at my trained animal, getting no response whatsoever from him. However I have other dogs that would respond.

    I’ve had Danes for over 30 years. I’ve had a physical condition since an incident 40 years ago. So what you call narcissistic is actually a necessity. And what you call strutting is actually support. As a person with disabilities I can tell you the biggest obstacle is not physical barriers so much as human ones. Narrow minded people like you.

    True story: I was sitting in my vehicle one day waiting on a friend who ran in the store for something, I didn’t feel like even getting out of the vehicle that day. I saw this young guy getting out of his hot rod parked in the handicapped spot. Some other guy,(an advocate?) was walking by and made some snide under the breath remark about people using handicapped parking who ‘shouldn’t’. etc. etc. A short slightly heated ‘discussion’ ensued. Arms began waiving. Whereby the young guy who had no duty to explain anything to this opinionated AH, whips out his buck knife and stabs himself in his leg. Raises his hands and say now what do you have to say?
    It was a prosthetic but no more words were said. I’m sure that opinionated person won’t be butting his nose in where he should again.

    And another thing not YOU nor anyone else has never seen my dogs loose or out of control, unlike people on my street. One idiot down the block bred bulldogs for house payment money. His dogs were roaming the street.
    I have video of them, as 3 of them were blocking the road standing there looking stupid.
    I’ve rescued, bred, trained, birthed and buried Danes for 32 years. Have had 4 Puna generations in the last decade and a half, and among the last few generations have come some life-saving Service Dogs.

    The only problem…. is with people who think they know what they are talking about when in actuality they haven’t anything but an uneducated opinion and say things about strangers online they’d never have the nerve to say to someone’s face.
    Go, and act like an insensitive fool no more.

  21. Greg
    Greg says:

    You are right! Your excellent logic has won me over.

    In fact since I suffer from acute NAS (need attention syndrome), chronic vapors, and severe left handedness; Anybody questions me……None of their business! I’m going to put on my leotards, dye my hair purple, get a huge truck, pull right up to the front row and prance in. That should get people to notice me. Since you already work the Great Dane angle, I will get myself a service Monkey.

    When some gimpy one legged octogenarian, blind person, or paraplegic, complains about me inhibiting their access; I’ll have my monkey fling feces at them(legal under ADA guidelines). I bet I could train my Monkey to skate on the cool ramps they’ve installed next to the entrances!

    Here’s an idea; Why not just make ALL the parking spaces handicap stalls? That would eliminate any further debate. If someone is too busy to get certified, or can’t work the system, they would have to park out in the boonies.

    Thanks for your insights and inspiration. Remember; It’s ALL about ME(And YOU, of course).

  22. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    I’m done, you’re just a STUPID (because you refuse to educated yourself) Fucktard. And you can kiss my ass through my? leotards? Truly lol You are really just a fucking fucktard. And too bad my existence bothers you. LOL Tough titty said the kitty. Deal with it.
    Good luck with your continued stupidity.
    You know you could take a logic class at UH.
    It’s one thing to have pains in your body from physiological reasons, it’s another kine pain knowing some people*. (like you) who will forever believe their opinions without ever researching what they are talking about, will continue to blog for the sake of their own bellicosity… SFB
    (Def. of a fucktard*)

  23. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Oh and FYI one doesn’t need to be a quadriplegic to use the parking spaces, nor do you get to dictate who does.
    Try find a life out there in your lala land. Put your ice pipe down lay off the DMT..

  24. Greg
    Greg says:

    I’m pretty sure “bellicosity” is a condition that entitles me to a good parking space. If not, like you said; It’s nobody’s business!

    Do you think we could put our animosity aside, and train my Service Monkey to ride your giant dogs? The attention that would bring to both of us makes me shiver.

  25. anon04
    anon04 says:

    It is really simple
    7 Papayas $1
    KTA 0ne Papaya $2.00

    Local Farmer direct makes the state way less tax revenue.

    Restrictions and permit violations is in the best interest of the supermarkets automatic 4.5% checkout tax.

    I say let the communities support their choice of food
    source and lets see what happens to the savings folks enjoy.

    Stick to the issue in this thread.
    It is important in many ways of lifestyles

  26. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Greg you need to keep your monkey in your pants and quit peeing on yourself.
    It is very clear you need the attention, and a life. Put you last name on your posts, maybe we can give you more.
    Is it Greg Fucktard? or just Greg the Opinionated Azzhole?

    As Greg has no life and needs to keep stalking me, like I care, he has no time to contribute to the community.

    On the other hand local farmer’s markets is the SMARTEST things we can do locally for sustainability.
    And in the time it took for Greg to harass the handicapped we started a Farmer’s Co-op/Market in HPP.
    We have already made sales and trades. Produce and other farm products.
    The weekly Farmer’s Co-op Market will be held at a different members farm, so when you host the market comes to you. When the market comes near your own place you could ride a bike. Or if you have one ride your horse to market. Either way you don’t need to even drive up to the highway.

  27. Greg
    Greg says:

    I agree that last names are important here, Mr. Watch…. My last name is Greg. I sincerely wish you luck with your HPP Market, and agree that it is a fine example of sustainability.

    If you guys offer handicapped parking, I hope you follow up on your earlier thoughts about not giving preference to Quadriplegics. They can just walk up like everyone else. They have been getting the good spots for too long. The feeble minded and their animals need access more desperately than some schmuck without arms or legs. Thank you again for your inspiration and allowing me to respond(stalk?).

  28. Greg
    Greg says:

    My apologies to everyone who has endured this dialogue. After Mr. Watch has the last word, which I’m certain he will, I am indeed “out of here”.

    See you at the Market!

  29. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Mr. Greg you have a serious case of SFB.
    Shit4brains, I guess it feeds your ego.
    You should apologize for your stupidity.

  30. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    And as far as sticking to the thread you can thank Greg for the digression. I thank him for showing everyone what kind of asses people with handicaps have to deal with on a daily basis. People who think they know something about something, yet have no clue.
    So I thank him for his ignorance, because like him other people believe in things they have no clue about. So this provided me an opportunity to share links to the LAW. and possibly a few people went to the link and read and learned something. Greg didn’t obviously. I don’t think he has the ability.

    Farmer’s Markets are great if they only allow farmer/sellers to only sell what they grow/produce. Otherwise it’s just another store with wholesalers and retailers.

  31. Greg
    Greg says:

    neighborwatch(who would happily and legally block a quadriplegic from using disabled parking), writing to BIC in April about felling albezia trees;

    quote NW:
    “IF they are near structures I/we tie them off, direct their fall. 100? ers. IF they are too big, too near someone’s property to fall, I girdle them and cut valleys to direct water into their heart through a incision from the side, let the rain/weather do the work. I’ve done my neighbor’s trees for years because they don’t.”

    “IF they are small I chop em and drop with a machete, but that is a yearling only”


    The disabled people I work with would be happy to learn lumberjack skills from you. Unfortunately they have trouble getting into a store, much less the forest.
    They are generally upbeat though, and will try and wheel themselves around your truck if it’s blocking their access. I’ve never suggested that someone with your mental disorders doesn’t have the same permits and rights of a physically disabled person.

    (Sorry folks, NW is correct that it is I that has hijacked this topic. This is absolutely the LAST post on this from me)

  32. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Hey Greggy boy you’re back. You REALLY NEED a life. Yes I can cut a tree, even if I’m sitting in a wheelchair. And I can lay a parquet floor because I can crawl on the floor to do so.
    And because I didn’t say I was the only one out in the jungle you wouldn’t know that I had helpers with me. Yes I know how to fell trees. And I share the knowledge with friends and strangers alike. With your limited knowledge and admitted no qualifications,
    “My qualifications to express an opinion? Same as yours; I’m a free citizen.”
    to comment on anything. I don’t expect you to know much. I am vastly MORE qualified than you.

    It’s too bad the people with disabilities you work with have such a dim witted helper. Yes, I’d be happy to show them or anyone how to do things with disabilities. Hope you don’t get paid for your inadequacies. You build on the abilities, not focus on their disabilities, too bad you’re so narrow minded.

    My neighbor and I fell some albizias a few months ago.
    I can drag myself over logs. I don’t climb them like he does, but my arms are strong, I can swing a machete. You can sit in a wheelchair and swing a machete. Nimrod. And when I become wheelchair bound I have plenty of situations set up for that eventuality.

    But that doesn’t mean I’ll loose all my skills and abilities just because I have some disabilities. You sure are one dumb fucktard. You can post whatever you like to justify your stupidity, but it won’t change that fact you still are clueless. You the unqualified opinionated ahole that you are. Is that REALLY your last post? lol
    Yes you hi-jacked this story for your own ego and whatever personal inadequacies in your life that you have or don’t have. I feel no pity for you as you choose to be an idiot. I gave you a link to the law, so legally you should be informed. You don’t get to see my medical information, because wtf are you? Admittedly a no one, a Greg. Probably the Greg down the street who made stupid decisions and is losing everything. LOL must be a Greg thing.

    I also teach women how to work in wood in my wood shop. Did you know that handicapped people can operate machinery? Women too, kids too. Handicapped or not.
    It’s a shame the people you work with have you, a whining, un-thoughtful, unskilled, untalented defeatist, to ‘help’ them.

    Hey dumb dumb, can you read? you pulled the quote.
    ““IF they are near structures I/we tie them off,”

    CATCH THAT?? “I/we” ???? I can tie a rope sitting down too.
    Your turn for your last, last, last, last stupid remark.

  33. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    And greg since you’re such and advocate for the disabled why don’t you drop your last name so I can pass it along to the Hawaii Disability Rights Center and the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission? We always need advocates, abet not judgmental idiots. You’d have to read up and get educated.

  34. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    What’s up Greg, afraid you say your name? Only brave with words on a blog? I bet you’re the Greg down the street who’s lying ol’lady moved to Molokai and left you in that rundown spec house. I don’t know any other Gregs on the island and none who would have the issues you have verbalized, let alone go on and on about it. Yep I know who you are. lol

    But for others who were following the saga of Greg’s jealous life, let me enlighten you as to the world of the Great Dane Service Dogs. Which we have been a part of for 10 years, don’t think Greg has even been here that long. And he may be too thick to ‘get it’ but others can learn.

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