***Commentary*** We Need More Recreational Opportunities For Our Children

imageI am among dozens of parents, grandparents and guardians, standing in line to get our children signed up for swim classes at the Pahoa Community Aquatic Center. This long lines and conversations we are having as we wait are reminders that we are in desperate need for recreational opportunities for our children in Puna and Pahoa. We, and our children especially, are so disenfranchised. This is supposed to be a two-day sign-up process, and all of the classes are filling up before we can even get through this particular line. I feel so sorry for our children, really. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. hazen
    hazen says:

    Boo. I don’t know about what it entails in the modern day, but i remember lots of people (mainly women) making side money during the summers teaching swim lessons. I’d imagine there’s not lack of people willing to teach. Do the legal or bureaucratic details get in the way?

  2. Roy Dean
    Roy Dean says:

    It has been my experience that opportunity for keiki equates to availability of funds. Available funding is in short supply in Puna and Hawai’i County. There are only a few reasons funding is in short
    supply here. I look forward to your findings of facts if you are elected to the County Council. Good luck..

  3. The Casual Observer
    The Casual Observer says:

    Note to Puna politicians — Make friends with your political colleagues. Play nicely. If you don’t make friends, then be happy with the pennies that come to Puna.

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