Politics — An Introduction To Big Island Chronicle’s Coverage Of The Council Races

All county council races are non-partisan. That doesn’t mean that candidates don’t have party leanings; they’re just not on the ballot. Instead of pulling in a Republican, a Democrat or a Ballot, all voters get the same ballot for council candidates. If a candidate gets more than 50 percent of votes, in the primary, he or she is elected on primary day.  If it’s less than 50 percent, then the top two candidates go to a runoff on general election day.

This year, there are two people who get elected even before the first vote is cast. Dennis “Fresh” Onishi of District 4 and Dru Kanuha of District 7 are once again running unopposed. But overall, this is a more wide-open election year than usual, with a total of 27 candidates running—an average of three per district. In District 5, voters will have to choose among seven different candidates. Hence the very long articles that follow. But never fear.  You just have to skip down to your own district number. All Council-related campaign coverage will be published in a print edition due out on newsstands next week.

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