Politics — A Brief Review Of State House District 2 (Hilo)

clift tsuji greyBy Alan McNarie

Longtime Democratic incumbent Clifton Tsuji faces Ed Miranda. The outcome of the election will be determined in the primary, since no Republican or third party candidate is has filed. Tsuji didn’t bother to send in his questionnaire, but his views on many issues are well known.

His primary interest in the legislature has been agriculture. He’s been a strong supporter of GMO seed companies and has collected thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from them. His other supporters include the National Rifle Association and several construction unions. He has a 25 percent rating from the small business organization Paychecks Hawaii. On the floor, he’s voted for the use of public funds for private preschools and against same sex marriage.

Edwin Miranda greyUnfortunately, we didn’t hear back from Tsuji’s primary opponent, Ed Miranda, either.  Miranda is a longtime Hawaiian activist, a member of the Hawaiian Homestead group and a representative on the Hawaiian Burials Council. He also has a background in agriculture, with a bachelor’s degree in the field from UH-Manoa.

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  1. Lorie
    Lorie says:

    Interesting how you aligned Clift with the seed Companies yet failed to mention he has always supported ALL of Agriculture in Hawaii. He has ALWAYS been a prime supporter of farmers…

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