Politics — A Summary Of Big Island Chronicle’s Coverage Of State Races

The following summaries are based primarily on BIC’s campaign questionnaires, but may be supplemented with information from other sources, especially if the candidate didn’t respond. Among other things, we asked the candidate’s views on achieving energy and food sustainability, on GMO labeling, GMO regulation and pesticide regulations, on prison reform, private prisons (yes, the legislature is considering them again),  and legalizing marijuana. The candidate’s full answers to the questionnaires can be viewed here in coming days.

There are no primary contests in State House Districts 1, 3 and 7. In District 1, Incumbent Democrat Mark Nakashima will face Libertarian Eric Weinert in the general election. In District 3, incumbent Democrat Richard Onishi will face Libertarian Fred Fogel and Republican Bill Dixon. In District 7, incumbent Democrat Cindy Evans has no challengers in either the primary or the general election.

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