Island Art — Big Island Chronicle’s Featured Artist: Ida Perkins

IDA RED TATOO FINALIda Iliff Perkins was educated at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Professional School. She has received awards from the State Foundation on the Culture and Arts, and the Honolulu Printmakers Show. “I love the colors of Hawaii,” shares Ida. “I love the sunlight dancing on the water, the rich hues of the tropical rain forest, and the dramatic earth tones of the volcano. I was born and raised here. I feel my toes are deep in the sand, soil and sea. It is as if I can breath in the incredible contrasts of light, color and design. Hawaii’s Asian influence affects me also. I am passionate about carving and printing wood blocks, and restoring antique Japanese furniture. I try to incorporate all this in my art. I get excited if I can capture a small part of this delight. Even the rain clouds on the horizon captivate me. It is pure pleasure.”

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