County Council District 1 Questionnaire: Larry Gering

What do you think are the most important issues for your district, and what would you do about them?

Voter apathy has got to be right at the top. As important as these issues are, why aren’t these people turning out? One o the biggest problems n the district.
I inadvertently erased the 1st question and answer…but part of the answer
would be:Kam Schools is part of the problem with the beach access. They control a lot of that land. They’re not above the law—they can get out of the way or we can take them to court…the landowners, including Kam Schools, need Hawaii far more than Hawaii needs obstructionists…..
I like to find solutions, I like to work things out.

What do you think are the most important issues for the Island of Hawaii and what would you do about them?

** The anti-business mentality of politicians restricts many facets of health, wealth, creativity, education, and well-being. Fees need to be reduced to inspire growth. Pols need ag business education and I can fill that need.

If not covered above, what are your views on:

1. Do you believe the island should increase its use of geothermal energy?

*yes – it is available but NO long-term contracts as this reduces the ability to slap the suppliers hands’ when they screw up. Slap the suppliers in their bank account which wakes everybody up…fines for screwups.

2. If so, what can be done at the county level to address community concerns about geothermal safety?

**it appears that many safeguards are in place. Continue to upgrade the safeguards. I don’t know how many safeguards can be utilized to please everybody, especially when the constant, omni-present VOG is in the air.
Plus, some people would not be pleased if EVERY safeguard known to man was used for geothermal safety and I suggest to them to change islands because they
are the minority and the minority should never prevail….listened to yes, but not DICTATE. Illnesses attributed to geothermal can be caused by a persons’ DNA but nobody ever talks about their DNA….getting older can cause many health issues also but it is easier to blame the geothermal / GMO….

3. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce biofuels for local power generation and/or transportation?

**whatever it takes to make our power rates competitive with the mainland.
Slap the greedy hands of HELCO officials who continue to financially rape customers and are sleeping with the PUC….
HELCO is not trying to give customers the best deal – it talks from both sides
of the mouth – it is only interested in “profits”….
This is not “paradise” when the cost-of-living is jacked up by greedy people….

4. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce biofuels for off-island use?
This would be another source of income for farmers who would be “shut out” by the anti-GMO legislation passed by the current lame county council. So, yes. If organic produce can be shipped off-island, why not biofuels?? and who is the expert who says NO ??

5. Do you believe an undersea power cable should be built to transport Big Island-generated energy to O`ahu? Why or why not?

**No cable for O’ahu – the pols consider the outer islands to be the “ugly step sisters” so let them dig their own grave….

6. What can be done to allow the county and its population to use less energy?
**The usual – be smarter then the light switch left on; televisions in every room; computers and other tech gadgets in every room; smart use using your own head instead of the smartphone.

1. What can the county do to encourage more local food production for local markets?
**Do away with the legislation passed to ban GMOs. Allowing GMOs will increase
food production and the CHOICE is still available as it has been for 17 years
at least on the BI. More GMOs are in the pipeline of scientists and they will
enhance the selection and volume of available products for local markets and
markets for export, win-win….

2. Do you support the regulation, at the county level, of genetically modified crops? Why or why not?

**Absolutely not…thru all of the testimony about GMO vs organic, no proof
was ever offered or presented, signed by a doctor, that GMO ever, ever was
harmful or that organic offered more nutrition in spite of its’ higher cost….
if one pays more for something then it stands to reason that the product has
advantages over its’ competition, not so with organic which has no advantage
nor is sustainable…

3. Do you support increased regulation, at the county level, of agricultural pesticides? Why or why not

**do not support more regulations because people will use what they think
is best for their situation and who will know ?? The county cries “no money”
for more inspectors, etc. so who will be monitoring the pesticides’ use ???
Housing, employment and homelessness

1. How can the county encourage the building of affordable housing?

*** tax incentives; cost incentives, for property owners and builders and
developers. Streamline the building code or set up a section pertaining
to affordable housing. The building code is beyond constipated and needs
some serious recalibration but the current council does not have the
business acumend to deal with this project….

2. For decades, economic debates have centered on creating jobs. But what is really needed are livings: means to support oneself and ones family. Livings can include not only jobs, self-employment and even subsistence fishing and farming. What can the county do to promote more livings on this island?
***livings are the same as employment – you can’t have one without the other.
Reducing business taxes, permits would be a start. Who said that “livings” is the
correct term??

3. Historically, planning for housing and jobs on this island has not been conducted with energy sustainability in mind, as evidenced by the long commute between affordable housing in East Hawaii and jobs at the resort nodes in West Hawaii. What can the county do to put people and livings closer together?

**create more tourist amenities on the East side; build resorts and promote
them; improve the airport for tourists; improve the cruise ship ports (which
are UGLY). Hire a tourist administrator who is “not in love” with West Hawaii..
Put some good sand on the beach of Hilo Bay for the tourists to lay on, install
food Kiosks and let the locals have more employment. Build a small convention
center and promote small conventions with the airlines’ participation.

4. How can the county do to get more homeless people into housing without taking their things or putting them in prison?

***build a “homeless city” , run by homeless, maintained by homeless,
managed by the county, with groceries, meds., everyday items-of-need.

Crime and prison reform
1. Would you favor the building of a privately-owned prison on the Big Island?

*** yes, if it is privately financed.

2. What can the county do to reduce domestic violence and promote domestic harmony on the island?

*** education

3. Do you favor the legalization of marijuana? Why or why not?

***no opinion – I don’t use it nor need the medicinal effects.

4. What else can the county do to reduce crime and/or lower the number of incarcerated island residents?

*** education – reduce the sentences for lowest-level crimes (no injuries, no
physical damage, etc.)

1. What is the biggest transportation need in your district and what can be done to meet it?
***more buses and more routes and buses to run more often.
2. How can the county reduce the amount of driving that its citizens must do?

*** probably can’t do much as people like to be independent and will drive by
themselves instead of car-pooling. Car-pooling would be helpful but getting
the citizens to support it would be difficult. Education, education, education.

Waste and recycling
1. Do you support Mayor Kenoi’s plan to build a waste-to-energy conversion plant in East Hawaii? Why or why not?

***yes – it should be helpful in lowering electricity costs (if HELCO will pass
the savings to the consumer) and provide employment. Trap the methane gas
and sell it to the bio industries and win-win.

2. What can be done to reduce the amount of solid waste created in Hawaii County?

***educate people on the advantages of eating less….

1. Do you accept campaign contributions from outside your district?


2. Do you support publicly funded elections?


***I want to live on a vibrant, self-supporting island and banning GMO will
not achieve that goal. There is GMO in everything and everytime you purchase
something new, you are purchasing GMO because it is a new, improved version
of what you had before and thus a GMO.


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