County Council District 8 Questionnaire: Sean Hunter

What do you think are the most important issues in your district, and what would you do about them?

What do you think are the most important issues for the> Island of Hawaii and what would you do about them?
  If not covered above, what are your views on:

1. Do you believe the island should increase its use of geothermal energy?

2. If so, what can be done at the county level to address community concerns about geothermal safety?

3. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce biofuels for local power generation and/or> transportation?
No I do not agree with Farmland being used to create biofuels, it should be used to create food for the people who live here.
4. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce biofuels for off-island use?
Again Big island farmers should be growing food for the people to eat that is organic and non Gmo.

5. Do you believe an undersea power cable should be built to transport Big Island-generated energy to O`ahu? Why or why not?

6. What can be done to allow the county and its population to use less energy?

1. What can the county do to encourage more local food production for local markets?
this question is a good one because it gives me the chance to educate the public on the restrictions and policies that are being put in place right now in Hawaii county that make this almost impossible, here is what I mean, they have just introduced and passed legislation that changes the definition of agricultural tourism and is enforced by States’ Agritourism Statutes. that place huge regulations restrictions and penalties on farming. and then you have the new wild fire protection plan that calls for a 30ft buffer zone around your home in which you cannot have any organic plants or trees, this is clearly not
being done to protect a home from fire , it is being done to prevent people from growing their own food. and it violates property rights. it is classified as voluntary, but has legal implications for non
compliance. then you have zoning restrictions and conservation restrictions, you have to almost be blind not to see what is going on here.

2. Do you support the regulation, at the county level, of genetically modified crops? Why or why not?
No I do not support the regulation of GMO CROPS, they should be banned period, GMOS are done for one reason and one reason only , to poison the consumer period end of story. People really need to understand that these crops forever destroy the soil, GMO crops are designed to thrive while being heavily sprayed with pesticides. there are many un educated arguments that gmo help to save the papaya crops and some coffee crops from bugs and insects that have recently surfaced and destroy crops, and the answer to that is this; they will create the problem in order to bring in their own solution , so they created these pests to destroy these crops so that they would have justification for Gmo crops. yes it sounds crazy , but its the truth.

3. Do you support increased regulation, at the county level, of agricultural pesticides? Why or why not?
GMOS are agricultural pesticides.

Housing, employment and homelessness
1.How can the county encourage the building of affordable housing?

2. For decades, economic debates have centered on creating jobs. But what is really needed are livings: means to support oneself and ones family. Livings can include not only jobs, self-employment and even subsistence fishing and farming. What can the county do to promote more livings on this island?
Stop restricting public access to the ocean and requiring permits for fishing, there are also plans to even ban or heavily restrict fishing under the guise of fish contamination. everything I say here can be looked up very easily.

3. Historically, planning for housing and jobs on this island has not been conducted with energy sustainability in mind, as evidenced by the long commute between affordable housing in East Hawaii and jobs at the resort nodes in West Hawaii. What can the county do to put people and livings closer together?
this is an agenda based question and its already in the plans for Kona just Google(Kona CDP)to direct growth into clustered development , where you will work and live in walkable communities. Transit oriented development. every question you are asking is about plans that are already made .

4. How can the county do to get more homeless people into housing without taking their things or putting them in prison?

Crime and prison reform
> 1. Would you favor the building of a privately-owned prison on the Big Island?

absolutely not, that opens the door to abuse , Prisons for profit is
not a good thing at all.

2. What can the county do to reduce domestic violence and promote domestic harmony on the island?

3. Do you favor the legalization of marijuana? Why or why not?
first of all I would like to ask the question as to why it is illegal in the first place?
it has been proven to be a very important medicine. and has unlimited
industrial uses.
question number 4 below can be answered by legalizing marijuana , just
look at the new crime statistics in Denver , they went down incredibly
4. What else can the county do to reduce crime and/or lower the number of incarcerated island residents?
the judicial system need to be looked at, their are so many reports of judicial misconduct, and abuse, going on its not funny. people are not given proper defense by public defenders who only work to close the deal for the system and its really not fair. that is not my opinion its a fact.

1. What is the biggest transportation need in your district and what can be done to meet it?
again these are agenda based questions because their is already plans to reduce and or get rid or private automobile use and push the mass transit bus , or railway, or bike and walking . also the compact clustered development , also known as smart growth and transit oriented development (tod)

2. How can the county reduce the amount of driving that its citizens must do?
think I already answered this above .

Waste and recycling
1. Do you support Mayor Kenoi’s plan to build a waste-to-energy conversion plant in East Hawaii? Why or why not?
2. What can be done to reduce the amount of solid waste created in Hawaii County?

1. Do you accept campaign contributions from outside your district?
2. Do you support publicly funded elections?

yes but there is no more funding for this .

And finally, is there any issue that you feel strongly about but which is not covered above?  If so, tell us about it?

The decisions that are made for Hawaii county should be made by the people of Hawaii county, and the people they elect to represent them should have the Knowledge to make educated decisions that affect the people directly and if they are not able to do so then they are not being of service to the people , I don’t care how nice of a person you are , if you are not representing the people and being honest with them, you need to be voted out. there is just to much at stake. Aloha and thank you for this opportunity to share with the public. Aloha

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  1. Rene Siracusa
    Rene Siracusa says:

    Who is this guy? He is not on the Elections Office list of candidates for Council 4. He did not attend the Council 4 forums that I am aware of. Is there an error, perhaps, if the office he is running for? If so, please correct, as this is too confusing.


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