State Representative District 4 Questionnaire: Faye Hanohano

What do you think are the most important issues for your district, and what would you do about them?
Education, Energy, Invasive Species, Marijuana , and Transportation.


Provide equal funding for charter schools. Create a pilot vocational workforce educational track for the Ka’u, Kea’au, Pahoa Complex. Also create a stakeholder’s task force to revisit the State Public Charter Schools Commission. In 2014 provided Capital Improvement for Pahoa High and Intermediate School $3.86 M for gymnasium renovation (funds pending governor’s release). This gym replaced an older gym.


Repeal Act 97 to reinstate County Home Rule and geothermal subzones. This 2014 legislative session HB 1943 HD2 SD2 CD1- Advanced grid Modernization; Renewable Energy amends the Public Utilities Commission’s guiding principles regarding the modernization of the electric grid. There needs to be a land use balance between food and fuel (Biofuel) on Hawai’i Island. Lands on Hawai’i Island can produce biofuels for the military, civilian electricity and transportation. Geothermal production maybe expanded if there is a need to cut the usage of fossil fuels and to be in compliance with the State of Hawai’i Clean Energy Initiative. The goal is to ensure that 70 percent of our energy supply is clean power (power doesn’t come from imported oil) by 2030. The State should not invest in an undersea power cable to transport Hawai’i Island generated energy to Oahu. Every Island need to use their own resources to create a sustainable energy future that frees Hawai’i from oil-based (also called petroleum-based or fossil fuel based) energy. Everyone in Hawai’i plays a role in making our Clean Energy Future a reality for the next generation. We need to reduce and eventually eliminate fossil fuels from our energy supply and replace them with alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power that are cleaner, greener, healthier and sustainable. Create laws that support clean energy technology and responsible energy use. Work with the Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to ensure that public utilities use resources in a sustainable way. Intergrate clean energy to technology such as solar power into our electric grid. Educational outreach to support clean energy use at work and at home. Energy is everyone’s kuleana (responsibility). I have not accepted campaign contributions from HECO, HELCO, petroleum companies or other companies with commercial interest in energy during this campaign.
Food and invasive species: Increase State agriculture lands for more local food production for local markets and provide funding to assist farmers. Amend the Nutritional Fact label to include information about Non- GMO and GMO by resolution to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through our Hawai’i Congressional Senators and Representatives. Increase regulation at the County and State level for genetically modified seed production and pesticides. Create a stakeholder’s Task Force to examine the GMO issue.

Invasive Species:

Need to control the infestations (ie: coffee berry borers, macadamia felted coccid, fire ant) This 2014 legislative session the following House Bills appropriated funding for HB 1514- Coffee Berry Borer Pesticide Subsidy Program ($500,00), HB 1716- Hawai’i Invasive Species Council Appropriation ($5M) and HB 1931- Macadamia Flted Coccid Appropriation ($360,000). Create more Agriculture Inspectors positions. Educational outreach programs. Invasive Species is our kuleana (responsibility). Representative H.K. Onishi appointed to the Hawai’i Invasive Species Council representing Hawai’i County in May 2014 by speaker of the House Joseph M. Souki.
Marijuana: Medical , Decriminalization, Dispensories and Recreational. During the legislative session 2009 to 2010 these issues were discussed during my term as Public Safety Chair in the House. Issues are ongoing and bills can be introduced for discussions and solutions. The current policy create[s] criminals for there are no legal dispensor[ies] in the State of Hawai’i. Marijuana can be modeled after liquor and Tobacco policies. Decriminization can lessen the burden in the Judicial and Public Safety Department. Fines collected will increase revenues to the State Budget.


Hwy 130- work in progress at phase I.(1st phase- Kea’au HIgh School to Shower. 2nd Phase- Shower to ‘Ainaloa. 3rd Phase ‘Ainaloa to Pahoa School Intersection.) Funding for alternative/connectivity route from Kea’au to Nanawale to assist county project. $1.5M was appropriated by the legislature in 2010 but due to various organizations monies was not released by Governor Arbercrombie. Therefore the 1.5 Million lapsed. Capital Improvement – Pahoa Bypass and Post office Road intersection $3.5M (traffic signal), and Intersection improvements- Highway 130 and Homestead Road $2M.
Housing, Employment, and Homelessness
The State can encourage the building of affordable housing through public-private partnership programs and funding . The State can create more workforce housing programs through public-private partnership programs and funding. The State can get more homeless people into housing by being more creative. Recycle buses for living quarters. Transitional housing projects.

Crime and Prison Reform:

The best way to relieve the overcrowding of Hawai’i’s prison system is to change policies. Low-risk inmate need to be placed in alternate programs instead of being locked up. There is a need to overhaul the assessments system that is presently used. Need to decriminalize marijuana so individuals will pay a fine to the State instead of the State providing care and custody at the expense of the taxpayers. I am in opposition of building a privately-owned prision in the State of Hawai’i and Hawai’i Island. I am in favor of establishing a Pu’uhonua with a program based on Hawaiian values using ho’oponopono within the State Correctional System that is open to all prisoners.

I have no comment of the current House and Senate Leadership. We need to ho’omanawanui (be patient) on the election outcomes. Yes, I accept contributions from outside my district. These are people and organizations that support my work at the legislature. Yes, I support publicly funded elections that are equally funded. If elected I would serve on the Hawaiian Affairs , Education and Public Safety.

What do you think are the most important issues for the Island of Hawaii and what would you do about them?
Preserving the Transient Accomodations Tax (TAT) allocation to counties . This year the Cap increased. Lifeguards- HB 2024 HD1 SD2- Lifeguards; Liability Exemption extends for three years the exemption of county lifeguards from the liability for any civil damages resulting from any act or omission within the scope of employment as a county life-guard. All issues are relevant to Hawai’i Island. It is with patience, due diligence and blending of Native Hawaiian practices and Western Ideology that Hawai’i can once again be truly called the Aloha State. I am a proven legislature and an experienced leader using common sense approach.


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