State Senator District 4 Questionnaire: Lorraine Rodero Inouye

1. What can the state do to make the island’s power grid more compatible with solar energy?

(1) We already have a solar energy protocol, however it also includes other renewables such as wind, and geothermal” She currently accepts donations from outside her district, but also favors publicly funded elections.

2. Do you believe that Big Island farmland should be used to produce biofuels for the military?

(2) No

3. Do you believe biofuel production for civilian electricity and transportation should be expanded on the Big Island?

(3) No

4. Do you believe geothermal production should be expanded on the Big Island? If it is expanded, what can the state to do make geothermal production safer?

(4) Yes

5. Do you believe the state should invest in an undersea power cable to transport Big Island-generated energy to O`ahu?

(5) No

6. What can be done to make the state, as a whole, use less energy?

(6) If the question is related to State buildings, commit funding for photovoltaic installations.

7. Do you accept campaign contributions from HECO, HELCO, petroleum companies or other companies with a commercial interest in energy?

(7) Have not received any at this time.

1. What can the state do to encourage more local food production for local markets?

(1) Encourage local farmers expand production levels and provide low interest rate loans.

2. Do you support the labeling of genetically modified foods?

(2) Yes

3. Do you support increased regulation, at the state level, of genetically modified seed production?

(3) Yes

4. Do you support increased regulation, at the state level, of pesticides?

(4) Yes. But provide funding that was cutback four years ago in the Department of Agriculture’s budget so inspectors can do their job.

5. Do support regulation of pesticides and/or gm crops at the county level?

(5) I don’t believe the County has the expertise and funding necessary to do the job presently performed by USDA and the state DOA.
Housing, Employment and Homelessness
1. How can the state encourage the building of affordable housing?

(1) If the State is asking for private developers to build affordable housing, it must provide incentives to lower the costs to the developer.

2. Historically, planning for housing and jobs on this island has not been conducted with energy sustainability in mind, as evidenced by the long commute between more affordable housing in East Hawaii and jobs at the resort nodes in West Hawaii. What can the state do to put people and jobs closer together?

(2) By encouraging private developers and the non- profit developers to build affordable housing or rentals, with incentives, near job markets.

3. How can the state get more homeless people into housing without taking their things or putting them in prison?

(3) The State and the Counties are responsible to address this issue along with non-profit service agencies.

Crime and Prison Reform
1. What’s the best way to relieve the overcrowding of Hawaii’s prison system?

(1) I believe an inquiry into Hawaii’s situation must be established first, or a task force developed to create a Plan to address the impact of overcrowding and present its findings and recommendation to the legislature. The task force must also include representation from the judicial system as well.

2. Do you favor the building of a privately-owned prison in Hawaii? Would you support the building of such a prison on the Big Island?

(2) It depends if the State is still part of the system.

3. Do you favor the establishment of a Pu`uhonua with a program based on ho`oponopono within the state correctional system? If so, should that program be limited only to kanaka maoli or open to all prisoners?

(3) Yes. Open to all.

4. Do you favor the legalization of marijuana? Why or why not?

(4) No

1. Do you support the current house leadership, or would you favor a change?

(1)Change will occur after each election.

2. Do you accept campaign contributions from outside your district?

(2) Yes

3. Do you support publicly funded elections?

(3) Yes

4. If elected, on which committees would you most want to serve?

(4) Ways and Means, Transportation, Energy and Environment, Water Land and
Agriculture, Higher Education.



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