Hawaii News — Watch ‘Murder In Paradise’ Saturday

(Media release) —
On Saturday, August 2 at 10/9C, Investigation Discovery is featuring the Hawaii homicide of Brittany Royal on the season 2 premiere of Murder in Paradise.

Free-spirited 20-something Brittany Royal of California is pregnant, in love, and living in paradise. That is, until her lifeless body is found floating in the waters off Hawaii’s Big Island, and her lover is nowhere to be found.

This episode includes interviews with:
• Julie and Ted Royal, Brittany’s parents
• Zack and Schuyler Royal, Brittany’s brothers
• Ruth and Sarah Johnson, Bo’s sisters
• Mitch Roth, prosecutor
• Tiffany Edwards Hunt, Big Island Chronicle
• Cherl Collamore, lava tour operator
• Henry Pomroy, lava tour operator
• Bruce Gowan, tourist
• Bill Duff, Big Island resident

Please note that the network’s name is Investigation Discovery, not Discovery Channel or Discovery ID. To check local listings, visit our channel finder:


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  1. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Many, many were absolutely certain that various LOCAL individuals were involved in this despicable murder and posted their vicious comments on line. Myself being new to computers and blogging found this absolutely fascinating…and of course I had to jump in…. I figured it must have been some mainland haole hippie [her vegan boyfriend] and I also conjectured he would be found hanging in a tree-suicide. Sure enough…..there is a veritable gold mine of psychological insights to be found in the various comments that were delusional,self serving and racist….not one of these multiple okoles has apologized….and some believe to this day that the idiot was forced to write the suicide note at gunpoint…no the idiot murdered his wife and son…

  2. brits dad
    brits dad says:

    It was well done and more than that it was accurate. The actual footage from the lava boat was hard to watch for the first time though. The family is doing well and we thank all who have followed and commented no matter which position you had. The actual event itself was straight from the suicide note it seems. That wasnt easy to watch either. But other live footage from Brittany’s memorial at sea, and for me personally the last picture of her seeing Santa Clause at a very early age brought back some fond memories of how she lived! She loved Hawaii, and although she couldn’t take anymore being very uncomfortable in her condition at the time on the hot lava field, we will always remember what she loved, the wind, the sea, the lava, and most of all it’s people…Tiffany we wish you all the very best and may this year and future years bring peace to all in Puna and Kalapana.

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