Letter: Regarding Vindictive Complaints and Politics

The August 1st article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald regarding a complaint made for political reasons against Tiffany Edwards is a blatant misuse of our official complaint system process. It is also one of the most destructive practices preventing the healthy development of our neighborhood communities.
Having been personally subjected to a similar character assassination attack from the same sources, RJ Hampton and Sativa Sultan, l can attest to the natural desire to respond by filing similar complaints against the aggressors. Pursuing a positive path is paramount to me so l do not file complaints but when it comes to ethics and compliance with county and state ordinances it should be known that these and other perpetual complainers are not living on moral high ground themselves.
Official complaints are too often motivated and used inappropriately for vindictive personal grudges so l applaud Tiffany Edwards for not filing complaints against RJ and Sativa for non compliant structures on their land, for claiming a homeowners exemption for a house where they haven’t lived for years, for using a voter registration address that is invalid and for operating a food business without the proper health department permits.
People living in glass houses should not throw rocks and should stop using the complaint system for personal vendettas. These are the actions that divide and destroy and take our energies away from building and strengthening the relationships that are essential for the growth of healthy communities. Remember this when you vote.

for community,
Graham Ellis

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  1. ConcernedCitizen
    ConcernedCitizen says:

    Ha this is really rich! Don’t you have some illegal shacks you are renting out on public land?

  2. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Graham Ellis,

    I am in total agreement with this posting. The “under the table” use of pilau politics only goes to show the desperation and extent an opposing candidate is willing to go to, to win a race. However Graham Ellis, according to the Hilo Newspaper, it was Sativa and she alone that filed the complaint, not RJ Hampton. Therefore, by you dragging RJ Hamptons name into your posting, you’re committing a similar wrong.

    I am a supporter of Tiffany Edwards Hunt, simply because I profoundly and sincerely believe she is the only candidate that can see to the needs of the community members of District 5. She will also be an asset as an ally to the other council members. (I advise them to take note of this, should she win this race.)

    Regardless of Sativa’s inappropriate complaint filing, Tiffany Edwards Hunt is not one to let a few thrown stones stop her from completing her mission. She’s too focused on proving her worth to represent the district 5 community, ( she already got my vote) without trying to devalue her political rivals.

    This girls got Yippy Kayay and a dang good posse to boot!

    Let this lie where it lays Graham Ellis. Let it turn to fodder to fertilize the things that need to grow.

    Animosity needs no fertilizer.


  3. Desmon Haumea
    Desmon Haumea says:

    …most often losers complains the most, winners stay humble and silent, thus the old cliche: those who works less complains the most, the true workers just keep on working for the “greater” good for all to enjoy…very apparent who we are NOT supporting…

  4. Ken
    Ken says:

    I support Tiffany 100%

    I support the work S.P.A.C.E. and Graham Ellis have done over the years.

    And I guess I just have to ask the electorate of D5 what is it they want?

    A person who will fight for all the RIGHT things for and about PUNA and its people?


    A person who will fight anyone just for the sake of fighting? And more importantly, just to get their name in the paper and on the news. Grandstanding.

    I think the voters of District 5 are smart enough to know the obvious choice as to who should be District 5’s next elected member.

    I think they are smart enough to see through the obfuscations and subterfuge these 2 certain individuals seemingly desire to inflict on this District.

    So voters of D5, do the right thing. Elect the right person.

    And let’s start to move Puna forward – for once.

    Instead of reverse where it always has been.

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