Letter: Richard Ha’s Primary Election Endorsements

Saturday is the primary election, and it’s like launching the long-distance canoe and deciding who we want on that wa‘a. We want the person who can make the hard calls and get us there, because we don’t know where we’re headed and we’re not going to be able to watch them every step along the way.

Neil Abercrombie is one who makes the hard calls on important ag and energy issues, as are Malama Solomon and Gilbert Kahele.

It is not responsible or appropriate at the federal level to pass responsibility on decisions re: GMO down to the county level, as Brian Schatz has done. Our counties cannot run enormous programs like that, making up their own rules as they go. Passing that along is irresponsible, lacking in moral courage, and threatens our ability to feed everybody.

I have talked to Colleen Hanabusa enough to know I can trust her to get us there. Richard Onishi, too.

At the Hawai‘i County Council level, I trust Gregor Ilagan, Fresh Onishi, and both Aaron Chong and Margarita DayDay Hopkins.

I definitely do not support Margaret Wille. She pushes an agenda at the literal expense of rubbah slippah folk who are already having trouble making ends meet.


Richard Ha

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  1. tia
    tia says:

    Thanks for letting us know who NOT to vote for, HaHaHa. You are funny…like anyone cares about your endorsements!

  2. sada anand kaur
    sada anand kaur says:

    Vote for ANYONE BUT above suggested candidates & we will all be Healthier & happier as a result.
    One issue candidates are just that, puppets of their behind scenes managers.
    We need County council that is creative, sensible, forward thinking/acting.
    These suggested folks are all beholding to small but mainland money, Big Agro handlers.
    If you want what happened to Kauai’s school children, unborn infants & skyrocketing cancer rates (many times national average) then do vote
    these Big Agro puppets into office.

  3. naaupono1
    naaupono1 says:

    This comment is not to disrespect Mr. Ha for his opinions. His accomplishments in his field and community is very well appreciated.
    The “ruling” class in politics (Democratic party) and business (unions AND businesses) in the state of Hawaii has created the income/status/class gap to become further apart. When first initiated the Democratic party in Hawaii had a definite need for equality of all people; especially the working class. Now in Hawaii the Democratic party caters to BOTH the unions and the businesses not just labor. IE. Matson, Hawaiian Airlines, HECO, HMSA, Hawaiian Telcom, etc.
    What we have today is a “monster” that has divided the people of Hawaii into “haves” and “have nots”.
    If you all are content with our high cost of living due to our political climate then please do vote accordingly. The “haves” want to keep the status quo and the voting public enables them.
    The likes of Bob Toyofuku, Constance Lau, Walter Dods, Jeffery Watanabe, Bert Kobayashi, Stanford Carr, union leaders, real estate developers, attorneys, and more have benefited from hard working tax payers and the artificially high cost of living their profiting creates.
    Follow the money and connect the dots then vote.

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