1st Printout: Bye, Bye Abercrombie?

Alan McNarie here, blogging the election from Cooper Center in Volcano, since my house is still without power…  The first election results printout of the night can be viewed here.

The highlights so far: Neil Abercrombie is trailing David Ige in the Democratic primary for Governor by a better than two-to-one margin. In the Democratic primary for U. S. Senator, meanwhile, Abercrombie appointee Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa are running in a virtual dead heat with Hanabusa leading by only 69 votes.  Shan Tsutsui is comfortably ahead in the lieutenant gov. race, leading nearest challenger Clayton Hee by 48 percent to 35 percent. In the Democratic District 4 race for State Senator, former Senator Lorraine Rodero Inouye is more than comfortably ahead of incumbent Malama Solomon, 55 percent to 41 percent.

State Representative primaries:  In District 1 Democratic primary, incumbent Gil Kahele leads challenger  Wendell Ka`ehu’ae`a 75 to 16 percent. In the District 2 State Rep Democratic primary, long-time incumbent Clifton Tsuji is blowing out challenger Edwin Miranda, 82 percent to twelve percent. In the District 4 Dem. primary for State Representative, newcomer Joy SanBuenaventura is plastering incumbent Faye Hanohano, 42 percent to 19 percent.

County Council: Incumbent Valerie Poindexter leads challenger Larry Gering  71 to 18 percent. In District 2, former councilor Aaron Chung appears to be headed back to office, leading four opponents with a commanding 65 percent of the vote. (In the nonpartisan County Council elections, any candidate who scores more than a simple majority avoids a runoff.) District 8 incumbent Karen Eoff also looks poised to win it all tonight, leading with 71 percent. And in District 6, Maile David-Medeiros holds a commanding 65 percent of the vote over her two opponents.  But Districts 4, 5 and  9 appear less settled.  In District 4, incumbent Gregor Ilagon has a plurality but not a majority with 42 percent of the vote; if current trends hold, he may end up in a runoff with nearest challenger R0y Lozano, who currently holds 24 percent. In District 5, the two leading candidates out of a field of six are Daniel Paleka, with 36 percent, and Tiffany Edwards Hunt, with 30 percent. In District 9, incumbent Margaret Wille leads nearest challenger Ronald Gonzales 46 to 27 percent, while Oliver “Sonny” Shimaoka trails with 22 percent.




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