A Little Relief for the Ice Problem

With unpowered refrigerators full of vulnerable food all over East Hawaii, most vendors yesterday were soon completely out of frozen water.  But KWXX just announced that the Big Island Ice company is bringing 9500 pounds of ice over from West Hawaii, and will be distributing it at Pahoa High School. The ice should get here shortly, if it hasn’t already arrived.

–Alan McNarie

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  1. Alapaki
    Alapaki says:

    Know lower Puna got the brunt of the storm and all the attention is directed towards them; which is warranted, but PUNA is PUNA. We all got hit, some places worst than others: mauka and makai. If I live in Fern Forest, Eden Rock, Fern Acres and Hawaiian Acres; by the time I read this and get to Pahoa…its too late for me to get anything. Like I said I feel for lower Puna,and I also have relatives and friends who live down there, but how’s about having a distribution area for us as well. Ourrepresentative’s, as well as, the Mayor, even though he’s from lower Puna, should have realized this too. Puna is Puna!!!

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