Primary: 5th (and final) Printout Highlights

With all 41 precincts reporting, Brian  Schatz appears to have beaten Colleen Hanabusa, but by only about 1.4 percentage points. David Ige has trounced incumbent Neil Abercrombie for Governor in the Democratic primary, 57 to 40 percent. Lorraine Inouye has ousted incumbent Malama Solomon in the Democratic District 4 State Senate primary, 56-40 percent. Shan Tsutsui has easily won his primary for Lt. Governor.  Incumbent State Senator Gil Kahele, easily won his primary, as did Rep. Clift Tsuji.  Joy SanBuenaventura has ousted incumbent Faye Hanohano in the Dem. primary for Dist. 4 State Representative. In the Democratic District 5 State Representative race, incumbent Richard Creagan, an Abercrombie appointee, easily defeated Gene “Bucky” Leslie, 51 to 37 percent. In the Democratic District 6 State Representative race, Nicole Lowen easily beat back her primary opponent, Kalei Akaka,  60 to 36 percent; in the general election, she’ll face Kelly Valenzueala, who beat opponent Roy Ebert, 57 to 30 percent, in a rare contested Republican primary.

In the County Council races, Valerie Poindexter (Dist. 1), Aaron Chung (Dist. 2), Maile David-Medeiros (Dist. 6), and Karen Eoff (Dist. 9) have won their races outright, with solid majorities.  So did Drew Kanuha and Dennis “Fresh” Onishi, who ran unopposed although substantial numbers of voters cast blank ballots in both their primaries. In District 4, incumbent Gregor Ilagan, with only 37 percent of the ballot, faces a runoff with closest contender Roy Lozano, who garnered 27 percent. In District 5, the closest Council race Daniel Paleka (34 percent) will run off against Tiffany Edwards Hunt (30 percent). In District 9, incumbent Margaret Wille (46 percent) faces a runoff with Ronald Gonzales (26 percent).


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  1. K.T. Cannon-Eger
    K.T. Cannon-Eger says:

    Was there ever any doubt that every vote counts? Puna’s two precincts — Hawaiian Paradise Park and Keoneopoko School — which were closed due to hurricane damage may yet tell the tale of the U.S Senate race.

  2. Barbara Heavens/John Cole
    Barbara Heavens/John Cole says:

    Thanks for this prompt concise up to date summary of what we wanted to know, here in the UP of Michigan, about “back home”. Your information about the storm damage is welcome and accurate information that actually helps people, is refreshing.

  3. lanric hyland
    lanric hyland says:

    Aloha: I know this might sound picky but Margaret Wille got 48.5% of the District 9 vote (1715 out of 3535). Had but 53 more people voted for her (1.4% of the total votes!) she would have been elected outright.

  4. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Puna,

    I’m rather pleased with these results.

    Both surviving candidates for district 5 are well deserving to represents us. However only one can win.

    Tiffany Edwards Hunt is the horse my money’s on. I trust she is the candidate that will get to the core of our woes and implement the solutions accordingly. She has conviction for Puna and will serve Puna with her heart and soul. She sincerely loves Puna and wants what we all want. a safer, more beautiful and greener Puna

    For a positive change for Puna, give Tiffany your vote.

    I’m saddened but relieved that Faye Hanohano didn’t win another term. It seems unfair to expect her to represent us/we that are multi-racial and yet be racially and compromisingly challenged herself. I thank her for past accomplishments and successes and wish her well into retirement. May she never become politically active ever again.

    Thank you Alan McNarie, for your wonderful coverage of the past political events. I look forward to your continued coverage.

  5. Hawaiino
    Hawaiino says:


    this situation with Margaret Wille is very reminiscent of Lincoln Ashida’s fate in the 2012 primary with Mitch Roth. A very small number of votes separated the candidates from reaching 50% + 1 vote, and an outright win. In the 3 candidate primary Lincoln had a much greater vote than the other two, over 19,000 and needed just 12 more votes to get to 50%. Roth had about 13,000, Dolan about 6,000. In the General Mitch picked up almost all of Dolans votes and beat Lincoln by a couple of hundred votes.
    Lincolns suppport was deep, but hard to increase. The opposition votes were specific, they were opposed to Lincoln and they voted accordingly.

    Lincoln is now a Judge, and Mitch is doing a fine job as Prosecutor….so all ended well in that respect.

    Of note in the D-9 race, only 5% left blank ballots, a very low amount. In fact the only race with a lower percentage of blanks was the State Senate race in the same area, Lorraine over Malama with only 4.8% blank.

    So, Ms Wille has a slim majority of voters against her and very few voters available to convince she has earned a 2nd term.

  6. Hawaiino
    Hawaiino says:

    That’s right, he’s over at Newton’s shop….he was mooted for appointment, obviously he lost that one too. Whoops, my bad.

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