Hurricane Donation Center Established

From an e-mail by Tom Young of Volcano.
Aloha Mai Kakou,

This is an urgent message for Hawai`i County.

We are now reaching out to our local community in the after math of Hurricane Iselle, the largest tropical cyclone to make landfall on the Island of Hawai?i in recorded History, thousands still remain without power and the overall devastation is yet to be accessed.

However, so many residents have already jumped to action as reports are in about numerous volunteers helping to clear roadways and other police officers, firefighters and electricians working well overtime to improve the situation.

Starting on August 11th, Operation H2OLA will be in effect. We are taking this opportunity to render our services while supplies last. At 3:30pm, located at the Maku?u farmers market, my `ohana, local businesses, several churches and Hawaii Residents will be creating a donation center to distribute water and ice to those of Puna who are in need.

We are asking every family in Hawai?i County who can to donate 5-10 one gallon Ziplocs of frozen ice and/or bottles of water. Also canned goods are welcomed, if you did purchase bottled water to prepare for Hurricane Iselle that you are no longer in need of we kindly ask that you donate that as well.

If you are unable to drive out to Maku`u we do have transfer stations near you which we will use to take donations directly out to Maku`u personally. These transfer stations are as follows:

1) Volcano’s Kilauea General Store & Lava Rock Café
2) Shipman Park In Kea’au
3) Kilauea Kreations II Quilt Shop located on 680 Manono Street in Hilo

If you do plan on delivering to our transfer stations we ask that you do so between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.

It’s really not going to take much if everyone does a small part in empowering our community members in need.

Operation H2OLA will continue throughout the week to cater to the further needs of Puna residents as is the nature of the Aloha Spirit in which we all share.

`A`ohe hua o ka mai`a i ka l` ho`oka`hi! No task Is too Big when done together!



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