Puna News — Puna Pono Alliance To Meet Thursday

From Puna Pono Alliance: The Note sent on Monday August 11th referred to the aftermath of last week’s storm and a meeting on Tuesday to discuss conditions and how to respond.

At the Tuesday meeting it was learned symptoms of community health impacts have been experienced by a number of people. Enough people at the meeting talked about health problems to result in a call to Civil Defense.

The Civil Defense Director recommended that people with health issues go to the emergency room for testing, and half a dozen people left the meeting to do so.

A second meeting will be held Thursday, August 14th, at 4:00 p.m. at the HAAS School in Pahoa to further discuss health and related issues. It is anticipated that there may be people from the American Red Cross at the meeting to record the problems as well as a PGV representative.

Anyone experiencing health problems since the storm, and anyone interested in the issues, is encouraged to attend the Thursday meeting.

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