Commentary–Iselle and the Election

by Roy Lozano

I was asked by someone who lives on Noni Farms road if she could vote
tomorrow. The short answer is no, you can not. The long answer brings up sadness and anger. But here is what I have learned in the past week as I was trying my best to get the folks who live in Nanawale, Leilani, Pohoiki Rd., Hwy 130, Noni Farms Rd, Railroad Ave and Kapoho areas the right to vote since most of us were busy last Saturday
dealing with the aftermath of Iselle.

The decision to open Pahoa High School, precinct 4.4 to be open was
made in Oahu by Scott Nago, head of elections, based on information,
or I should say lack of information. Basically, on Friday the 8th, the day before the election no one from elections division, civil defense, or any county office had come down our Puna way to see that we were stranded. The criteria was that if electricity was on at the polling place then that precinct would be open. HPP activity center and Hawaiian Shores community center had no electricity so Scott Nago closed them and because Pahoa High School had electricity it was opened. Without physically having boots on the ground to see our real status that decision was made. I live on Pohoiki Rd and I know they did on come down.

An aside is that yesterday I found out that on our Island of Hawaii there are only 5 civil defense employees and they were not checking on us in Puna and reporting to the elections
division our status. So there you have it. Not enough data gathered, and yet a decision made in Oahu that essentially deprives you of your constitutional right to vote has occurred.

One more thing. Our council rep, Gregor Ilagan has done nothing to get you the right to vote. Call him and ask why, 965-2712. I am sure he will defer to Scott Nago.

What can you do. Call Scott Nago and flood his office with your truth. Ask him how he made the decision to open Pahoa High when you were stuck in your homes dealing with a natural disaster (808) 453-VOTE (8683) – (800) 442-VOTE (8683) (Toll Free)

Once again, Mahalo,

Editor’s Note:  Lozano is a candidate for the County Council 4th District seat.

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