Puna News–a First-Hand Report on Papaya Farms Road

From Sandra C. Winters:

I went to Papaya Farms Rd. today. Everyone needs help down there. Hard to communicate and most folks weren’t aware of relief efforts in Pahoa! We are going to have to reach them! Great sense of community down there but the mess is sooo large it’s gonna take heavy equipment even though the National Guard has already serviced this area. Many fruit and orchid farms with major damage! This is an off grid area so electric is not a problem. Did find a couple that their propane fridge was damaged and they need ice and coolers besides help repairing 300′ of fence and tree removal. Took them 4 days to get out. Several people need tarps! Delivered ice and water to Cinderland. They need coolers cause their generator is gone, ice and drinking water besides tarps. Most of their food was ruined by water! I checked in at Pahoa this morning to pick up forms to take to people. They are not coming in. Worried about leaving their properties! If we can get the info out to them it would help! These people are more than 10 miles from Pahoa! Would like to get help setting up something at Four Corners! Ice, water, TARPS, etc. pls msg me If you can help. Mahalo!


Winters is available on Facebook.

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  1. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    An update from Ms. Winters: “If you can contact anyone in the Papaya Farms Rd. area please let them know help is coming today. Ice at noon and water at 4 pm. Please spread the word! Mahalo!”

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