Puna News–Report from the Red Road

From L.J. Bates:

Aloha mai kakou!
Kalani Honua will again be hosting Civil Defense at Kalani from 12-4pm to provide water and ice to community…it sounds like they will be here daily!! Hawaii Island Food Basket is also here to assist…they are awesome!
Suisan is providing a FREE Freezer Truck (they are so great) for our Campus later today to freeze water for our community…we are filling gallon ziplocks to freeze overnight and should be ready to distribute tomorrow (if all goes well and we actually get water down to Hale Aloha…update: so far, so good!)
Jaycees also visited late last night with an ice and water delivery…come by if you need ice and/or water.
Also, Puna Lions Club donated a FREE generator which will provide our energy needs to Hale Aloha’s refrigeration and provide free WiFi and all cafe food (sandwiches now available) and meal tickets (for dining on our abundant lanai) at HALF PRICE for Kama’aina. Lion’s Club RULES!!! They have also secured another generator for SPACE in Seaview.
We love YOU and we love PUNA!

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