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  1. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    must share:
    First day the Pahoa Natch was open after Iselle, I was leaving with some purchases and something on the bulletin board caught my side vision. The word “emergency” (very topical, huh?). I looked closer and the poster said :
    “Puna Emergency Preparedness Fair” — announcing this fine event planned and scheduled well before the arrival of Iselle.
    Curiously, it occurred to me to re-punctuate the phrase: “Puna Emergency Preparedness: Fair” — as is in we did OK, and aloha was the most important tool in our box, but could definitely do better. We need to be able to say “Puna Emergency Preparedness: Excellent”.

    I did not attend this same event last time it was done, but will make an extra effort to do so this time.

  2. sada anand kaur
    sada anand kaur says:

    Sounds like neighborhood cooperatives & watch groups need to become part of our planning as well.

    Addressing potentially dangerous situations ahead of time makes sense.

    As does taking this great gift of fallen trees for community grinding/mulching/composting to create very agreeable soils here on Big Island.

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